Summer Energy

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I don’t know about you however; I love the Summer!

Many people often laugh at me as I’m the one that is always cold. If you’ve seen the meme on Facebook or Instagram of the person with a sweater that goes from head to toe that’s me! To top off being cold all the time I ironically moved to a country which has more winter than summer. It is a standing joke in Alberta that we have ten months of winter and two months of summer.

For me though I was diagnosed with Raynaud’s disease when I was sixteen which basically means that I have poor circulation to my extremities and are more susceptible to frost bite etc. and I have had to adapt to this cold climate by always wearing many layers and making sure that I do my best not to get too cold to start with.

I love the heat and I’m in my element in the summer months. Yet, I know I’m not the only one! So, why do we feel better in the summer and how can we take advantage of that energy?

  1. The longer hours of sunlight is the first thing we can take advantage of. It is easier to get up and be active when the sun is bright. The longer days means that our body clock also can be active for longer too. Use this in such a way that you are active in the cooler mornings yet enjoy the outdoor space in the evenings. Extending the ability to get things done and have time for your fam jam.
  2. Create healthy habits. We are more likely to eat healthier and exercise in the summer months. Think of all the lovely BBQ food we create accompanied with salads and fruit. Why not make the most of this and really create some healthy eating habits? If you like to be outside, use the great weather for hiking and running. As you draw to the winter months you can then continue the habit of exercise moving inside or even begin winter sports.
  3. Clean and organize. Many people have the urge to do a spring clean however, we don’t have to keep that limited to only the spring months. Now I don’t want you to think that you have to spend the whole summer working away, even if you were to spend one to two hours for five days a week add that up over two months that would be around 80 hours! Just imagine what you could achieve in 80 hours!
  4. Take time to relax. One of the greatest parts of the summer is the ability to bask in the warm sun not only gaining the vitamin D required for our health also, being able to just be. You may wish to read a book on your own or spend time with family and friends. It’s the time to oneself and also the laughter we have with the ones we love that create a good energy to be active.

Maybe for many of you looking from a different perspective surrounding the winter months may help you in not feeling so guilty about your lack of motivation. Thinking about the seasons and the Earth cycle even the Earth takes time to recuperate ready for the busy season.

As humans we have created this crazy life where we are on the go and plugged in from the minute we open our eyes to the minute we go to bed. Some people have electronics in their bedrooms too so even as they sleep, they are plugged in. We were never meant to live with that much energy.

It goes without saying that during the winter months we do want to retreat inside. It is time for us to slow down and reassess where we have been for the year. We then make plans for where we are headed in the coming year. It is time for our bodies and minds to rest and grow. This is the time we can spend researching, learning, and planning for the next year so when spring comes around again we can take full advantage of the long days.

Do you trust that your guides have brought you here and now? 

Stay a while and explore how Sarah Tricker Alchemy can be of service to you through either learning or one on one guidance.

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