Books have the power to captivate a person’s thoughts and creativity!

Think back to all the books you have read, now bring the book to the fore that made the biggest impact on your life.

Everyone has that one book that changed their life!

Throughout history writing has been a way in which we have been influenced by others. Through persuasion, authority, and discernment books broaden our worldview to how others think and live. 


It is time to trust that the world is beautiful!

What we hold in our minds we hold in our hands! It is time to pay attention to the good you have in your life.

As a seeker of knowledge books are a significant part of Sarah’s life. To be able to put pen to paper and solidify her ideas and set them into history appeals at a deep level. Throughout time thought leaders have changed the world through writing. Now even more so, in a time where information is available to those who seek it, it is time to own her story!


Hille House Publishing

Krystal Hille founder of Hille House Publishing has been on a journey that created her yearning for a countermovement. As a single mother of two children Krystal is an international speaker, bestselling author, and soul leadership mentor. Her passion is to guide conscious creators to ignite global change.

Literature has been a strong theme throughout her life. At university she studied English Literature and Theater Studies. Through her career as a drama teacher and theatre director Krystal began to understand human motivations through these genres.

This wasn’t the only influence in her life. Spirituality has always been something that flowed deep inside her. Over time Reiki and Tantra, among other things, propelled Krystal into running retreats. Like many people the pandemic saw a huge shift in her business.

Fate always takes us just where we need to be. Krystal now guides light workers and change makers together. She is the vehicle for clients to have the permission they were searching for. They can step into the world of becoming an author with certainty and confidence. 

Since 2021 there have already been three multi-author books published. This includes over 90 thought leaders from 5 continents and 20 countries. Each book published has become an international seller!

Sarah’s Chapter

Weaving the Threads of Magic from Grove to Lea
Embracing the cycles of nature breaking free from the shadows of the forest into the bright meadow

Over time humans have slowly become disconnected with mother earth. The earth is now primarily seen as a resource to consume and those living here are too busy stuck in the rat run of consumerism. 

Sarah shares her journey in the path of finding magic. From a child where she feared her familial gift as a child. Yet as she grew her path weaved her to a place where she could no longer hide.

Fully embracing the magic in her life Sarah created the Locrina Coven in 2019. The fear of repercussions ran deep through her DNA. In only a few months did the whole world change ~ alongside Sarah’s dream.

When we learn to walk alongside mother earth and embrace the cycles of the seasons and grandmother moon everything in life changes. Sarah shares her story of her journey to discover magic which brought joy and prosperity truly igniting Inspired Living!

Inspired Living: A Guide To Ignite Joy And Prosperity

  • Tap into your inspiration a vibrational energy
  • Sit in the stillness where Inspiration will spark
  • Find potential to create a life of joy
  • Believe in your worthiness to manifest true potential

Gemini Moon Publishing

Tracey Rampling Brown is the founder of Geminin Moon Press. Tracey was inspired to create Gemini Moon Press after spending years playing both sides of the publishing game—having self-published short fiction, providing ghostwriting services, editing and academic formatting to entrepreneurs, and participating in collaborative book projects both as author and back-end publishing support.

As a multi-passionate, Tracey’s experience gave her a unique view of how all the pieces came together, and saw an opportunity to take an existing model and turn it into something she believes will be even more exciting for those who are called to join her on this journey. Since 2021 there have already been three multi-author books published. This includes over 90 thought leaders from 5 continents and 20 countries. Each book published has become an international seller!

Gemini Moon Press seeks to provide a safe platform for women to speak their truth and share their stories—but even more than that, heal the sister wounds that have kept us separate and hoard our wisdom as secret for fear of betrayal, criticism, and judgment. Our collaborative book projects are carefully curated to ensure that all contributors are energetically aligned to inspire, empower and lift each other.

Sarah’s Chapter

Awaken Under the Moonlit Path

When you stop to think about it our life comes in cycles, just as the earth and moon does. Sarah breaks her journey down into the four phases of the Lunar cycle. She takes you on a journey of discovery authentically sharing the highs and lows as she fully commits to her craft as a High Priestess of the Locrina Coven.

Included in this book, after you have read all the contributors' intimate stories, there is also the ritual section. We are excited for this to become your go to book for New and Full Moons. Sarah has created two sections for you to enjoy. The first laying the foundations of your work with the Triple Goddess; maiden, mother, and crone. When you understand the phase you are in you can easily connect to your feminine divine entirely. 

Take your vision board to a whole new level. Sarah has shared how she turned her vision board into a living magical entity. Each month adding to her vision using the power of the Lunar cycles and Sabbats. Want to find out more? 

Lunar Wisdom

Reconnecting with the Divine Feminine through Rituals, Spells, Magic, and the Phases of the Moon
  • Breaking the silence to embrace the power we hold inside!
  • Working with the Moon is deeply rooted in the divine feminine!
  • Led by wise women, healers, medicine women, & our ancestors!
  • Harness our natural rhythm, flow, and energy connected to the Moon!
  • Realign to become complete allowing ourselves to dream bigger no longer restrained through fear!

I’m Sarah Tricker ~ My writing journey

Even as a child I remember my joy of writing. Sitting in my bedroom copying my favourite books. Writing anything, just to be writing. As I progressed to high school I had a plethora of different coloured pens to take notes in class with. Then I would go home and rewrite the notes so they were perfect! It’s kind of funny when I look back.

There was a large period of time where I wasn’t connected to writing or reading for myself. As I got married and had my children my focus shifted to my family. I am sure if you have children you know how it is, there are still some of my children’s fav books that I could probably still recite today!

In 2008, after immigrating to Canada, I went to university to gain my teaching degree. This is when my love of writing came back. In fact, I would search for courses that had writing as part of the grades. I just loved researching and writing papers. As a teacher this shifted into lesson planning. 

There was no stopping me as an entrepreneur. I have so many books that I have used as parts to create my signature programs and academies. I don’t think my students are even aware of the amount of hours of research I have done to bring them the condensed version! 

In 2022 everything changed. This is my first co-authored book. It was a process to finally sit down and put pen to paper. There is something quite surreal knowing that once the book was published I’ll never really know who hands touch it and the influence I could have on people’s lives. By the end of 2022 I had already joined the second coauthor book. There’s no stopping me now!

What I have discovered is that I do not need to go in search of knowledge all the time. That it is time for me to now piece together everything I have learnt over the years as a wife, mother, daughter, teacher, High Priestess, and entrepreneur creating my own books. Keep your eyes peeled!