Be enchanted, motivated, and feel the magic! Sarah, the founder of Sarah Tricker Alchemy, is a healer. She has created rituals to empower the feminine divine who are struggling to find their authenticity and life purpose. Sarah is a non-conformist which forges her clients ahead to think bigger. Every moment is a miracle which is within everyone’s reach as they embrace their feminine power.

As fifth generation Medium Sarah has spent a lifetime working with Spirit. Moving from the public system as a teacher, Sarah has now created her own Academy. Her passion is to teach women to connect with their inner wisdom. In 2021 Sarah was awarded Rookie of the Year in Toastmasters. She was also handpicked in the Brainz Magazine CREA Global Awards 2021 & 2022. Sarah is a coauthor in the book Inspired Living and Lunar Wisdom and is also a Senior Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine. 

With a passion for lifelong learning Sarah holds a B.A and B.Ed, is a certified life Coach, Reiki Master, Medium, Yoga Teacher, and Birth Doula. As a Spiritual Life Coach, an Alternative Holistic Healer, and High Priestess, Sarah is centered on finding modalities to support her soul contracts. 

Sarah is a mother of two, a wife, and a Nana. She is an English soul that has found her place in a rural town in Southern Alberta, Canada.

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