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As you may have discovered through your connection with me directly or through my social media I am a Reiki Master. There are always many questions surrounding Reiki as people wonder how it works and if its ‘real’!

Well let me tell you about how I was drawn to become a Reiki Master. I was actually trained as a Spiritual Healer first. This was done through my mediumship training which is known as a circle.

In a circle a trained medium guides the participants through a series of lessons given by spirit. These lessons vary depending on the people who are in the group, their own gifts, and the intended use of said gift.

I was very fortunate as my Mum was training me using the training she had received back in England in the 1990’s. Part of this training I received a spiritual Dr. who I can call upon when healing people. The spiritual healing I gave people was very similar to Reiki in the way that you work within the aura of a person.

One of the interesting things in our world today is the seeking of certification. People want to see that you have a certificate for the services you provide. As an educator I am not disputing the validity of showing you have training however, my mediumship certificate did not give enough validation for people to come even though this is many centuries of training within the English society.

Something kept calling me to Reiki. One summer me and my Reiki master went on a journey of discovery together and I was attuned to the Reiki love as I now call it.

So, what is Reiki? Well it’s a Japenese healing system that was rediscovered by a man called Mikao Usui. I have been trained in Shiki Ryoho Usui Reiki which was adapted by Usui’s successor Chujiro Hayashi and Hayashi’s successor Hawayo Takata who added more symbols and Levels to Usui’s original system.

The difference of Reiki amongst other healing systems is that the ability to use Reiki is passed from Master to Student in what is known as an attunement. These build from Level I to Level III Master/Teacher.

It is also good to understand that there are many different types of Reiki which have been adapted over time. I don’t beleive one is better than the other as they all imbue Reiki love. I just happened to know a Reiki Master who was trained in this particular one.

Once someone has been attuned to Level I they have been opened to the universal energy of Reiki and can use touch to heal themselves and those around them.

Level I is truly about self healing. Then as you move up the levels you may send Reiki distance and then up to becoming a Master/Teacher.

Each person moves at the pace that is right for them which is decided between Master and Student. Many students do Level I & II and choose not to pursue Master/Teacher.

If you choose to be attuned in Reiki it does not mean you have to leave your job and become a Reiki Practitioner many people choose to use it for themselves and their family and friends.

The Reiki love can be used in so many ways. The obvious one is in healing people. It may also be used to heal animals or you can Reiki food, drink, plants, presents, and money. The only limitation is your imagination!

Some people also choose to come to a Reiki Practitioner and just experience the relaxation and healing of the sessions. There are many reasons people have Reiki for pain relief, cancer, stress, anxiety, depression, even part of a self care routine.

When I give Reiki treatments I use all the modalities that I have including my spiritual Dr. as well as Reiki, my cards, and my connection with spirit. Each Reiki Practitioner will heal in their own unique way and no one is better or worse than the other! Watch to see my next blog on how to find a Reiki Practitioner that is right for you!

Do you trust that your guides have brought you here and now? 

Stay a while and explore how Sarah Tricker Alchemy can be of service to you through either learning or one on one guidance.

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