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As a medium sometimes I take it for granted that I can tap into messages from spirit on a daily bases however, many people are not aware of the many ways that spirit sends you messages when you need them the most.

Spirit can send us messages in many different ways. Sometimes people may that there is an open channel where I have conversations with spirit. For me its not quite that way!

In this blog I will share some different ways in which spirit lets you know that they are with you and what they are trying to say. You will find once you are open you will begin to see the messages everywhere and I promise it gives such comfort!

This reminds me of “If you are looking for a sign this is it!”.


  1. Passed loved one pops into your mind

Have you ever been going about your day or even going through something that maybe tough and someone who has passed just randomly pops into your mind? This isn’t random! This is actually a common way for spirit to connect with us is through thoughts. For me this is actually the primary way that I channel messages from spirit.

You should receive some comfort in knowing that they are with you when you need them. This can also happen with ideas that pop into your mind they have also been gifted to you. I could write a whole blog on this subject alone ~ maybe I will!



  1. Objects moving in your home

Now, this could mean that you have the faerie living with you too as they can be mischievous borrowing things around your home. However, if it is an object that is a connection to someone who has passed then this can also be a form of communication where they let you know they are around you!

It is actually very hard for spirit to move objects in the Earth Plane so if this is happening to you know that your loved one really wants you to know they are around you!

They are not aiming to scare you only let you know they are close. Acknowledge that you have received their message. Maybe have a conversation with the person you feel it is. You do not have to talk out loud if you do not want to they will receive your message however you deliver it.

Your loved ones will never try to harm you. It is true that at times there are spirits around who are not of a good nature. If this is occurring it is advisable to smudge your home regularly and call in extra help if needed.


  1. Feathers

Whenever something stands out to you know that in itself is a message. Feathers can be found anywhere there are birds and on occasions where there is none.

A quick story of when I left a teaching job and I found message in feathers. It was the end of the summer and I was one of the last people in the building apart from the cleaners. I had packed my classroom and was on my way to move my vehicle near the exit door closer to my classroom. As I was walking down the hallway there was three feathers on the floor. I stopped looked at them, gave thanks, and collected them. For me this was a message that I was on the right path. I put these feathers in my new classroom when I set it up in the fall. Now, for me they caught my attention as you would not expect to find feathers in the hallway of a school!

There are actually many different meanings around feathers you find dependent on the colour. Here are a few;

  • white: your angels are surrounding you
  • black: your angels are protecting you on your spiritual awakening
  • black/white: change is coming
  • grey: life has been chaotic peace is coming
  • brown: wait for better timing your judgement is clouded
  • spotted feathers: release the past
  • pink: love, romance, or a child is on the way
  • purple: communicate your feelings
  • red: your spiritual gift is opening
  • blue: your psychic abilities are being called for spiritual work
  • green: you are healing


  1. Animals

For me animals are always a profound way to receive messages from spirit. Because animals are not troubled by logic and the ego. I believe that they offer us much wisdom within our life.

It depends where you live to the types of animals that you will see. However, if you take time to notice even in the city animals are all around us. Take note of animals that cross your path or get your attention.

There are many books and website pages that tell you the meaning of animals as spirit guides. Also, remember that there maybe variations of the meaning of animals dependent on where you live.

The owl is an interesting one for me. If you didn’t know I was born in England and the owl has always represented wisdom for me. Think about Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger, Rabbit, Kanga, and Roo always went to visit Owl if they needed to know something. That book was written not too far from where I lived and as a child I grew up with the teaching the Owl is all wise!

Now where I live in Canada the Blackfoot Indigenous peoples have a very different perspective on the visitation of an owl, especially the Great Horned Owl. For them this is a warning of death. If they see an owl around their home or it sits in their path they will go and get a blessing from their elders and often are prepared for a death to come soon.

I am a strong believer that you should take what feels right to you. There will always be differing opinions especially around something like this. Owls is one example. I could mention many more even the black cat means different things in different cultures! Here a few common animals you may see;

  • crow: adaptability, higher perspective, transformation, luck
  • eagle: healing, courage, strength, resilience, vision
  • owl: wisdom, change, life transition, seeing the unseen
  • butterfly: renewal, rebirth, transition, playfulness
  • deer: gentleness, vigilance, inner child
  • rabbit: fertility, abundance, spontaneity
  • spider: patience, femininity, creativity, weaver of own life
  • fox: increased awareness, cunning, swift, dream work

These are only a few and there are many, many more. So, keep your eyes peeled for the spirit animals that are around you.


  1. Dreams

Spirit also connects to us in our dream state. Most of us become hyper aware of the messages we receive as we walk about our day and maybe overlook the fact that they can also come to us within our dream state.

Now I know that not everyone remembers their dreams however, there are some things you can do to help that. Firstly, when you wake up do you best not to move. If you have set an alarm then the movement to turn the alarm off will most likely push the memory of your dream away. This may be best practiced on your days off from work where you naturally awaken. When you remember your dream jot down on a pad you have beside your bed the key things you remember. After a while you will notice patterns within your dreams.

When spirit sends a message to you it may be through a visitation of a family member. Most times people don’t forget these. What may happen is in the awake state the ego will question the validity of the message.

This is a big thing when learning to decipher message from spirit is the removal of logic. We live in an era where everything has to be proven and I can tell you that it causes a huge amount of brain ache if you use logic to make sense of message from spirit!


I want to leave you today with the hope that if you have not seen the messages that are all around you that with these five different ways your eyes will be wide open!

Remember, life is full of mysterious and wonderful things and spirit is always with us here on the earth plane guiding and sending us love.

Let that logic slip away and move from your head to your heart and be guided by the messages. Don’t question ~ trust!

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