Animal Reiki Academy


You have always had a special connection with animals, the call is becoming stronger to become a healer!

Animals communicate telepathically and are not comfortable with all humans. Some of us come to the earth and have the ability to connect in a way that brings ease to both.

Know, as a chosen one of the animal healers, Reiki is a path to guide you. It may not be clear where this will take you right now however, trust that this is the right time for you!


Not all Animal Reiki Practitioners have access to this unique Animal Reiki Symbol!

Many people may not know this however, once you have become a Reiki Master it is possible to receive your own unique Reiki Symbol! Sarah herself received a symbol to help attune children to Reiki. Sarah’s Reiki Master is whom received this special animal symbol. Sherry Crawford has always had a special affinity with animals so it made total sense that she was gifted this symbol. In late 2019 into early 2020 Sarah received her training and attunement to the animal Reiki symbol.

A true saying that is used time and time again is that you are always brought to the place you are supposed to be - and here you are at the Animal Reiki Academy;

    • You will have the ability to heal all animals!
    • You will have a deeper connection to animals!
    • You will have the ability to understand animal pain!
    • You will be able to open your own Animal Reiki Practice!
    • You will have the ability to heal animals and their humans together!

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

With the Animal Reiki Academy you can really learn to heal all animals using Reiki with confidence!


Through the Animal Reiki Academy you could…..

  • Understand animals deeply
  • Clear blocks within animal chakras
  • Have a tool kit to heal animals on all levels
  • Bring a holistic approach to healing animals & their owners
  • Fully step into your life purpose to become an animal healer

Animal Reiki Academy


This invitation if you choose to accept.....

Step into your life purpose as an animal healer by; commitment to helping animals and their human companions always mediating animals healing needs!

Through the Animal Reiki Academy you will transform who your communication ability with animals.

You’ll learn:

  • Animal Reiki Cats & Dogs ~ healing domestic animals with ease
  • Animal Reiki Equestrian ~ specialization of healing horses
  • Reiki as a Business ~ set up your animal Reiki business

The number of domestic animal owners is growing and with that the need for animal healers as mediators between the two.

What’s included in our Academy.....


Aura of an Animal

A lot can be deciphered through the aura of an animal. Just as human animals have an outer aura, health aura, and inner aura. With the ability to feel an aura you will know where there are hallows and protrusions allowing you to heal with precision.

Animal Chakra Centers

The animals we treat have chakra centers just as we do as humans. Create an understanding of animal chakras and how blockages can manifest as behaviours. Applying the basics of chakras to clear energy and give guidance of supports the animal companion can give.

Energy Presence

How you show up to an animal healing will determine your success. We all know that animals read energy. Discover what you need to do before, during, and after animal healing sessions to keep your energy presence balanced at all times. This will also help you read the animal’s companion’s energy and help them make shifts if needed.

Animal Treatments

Learn a clear pathway to healing animals. This includes what to do based on the animals ques during your session. Healing animal sessions can be short or long with the use of laying on hands or aura work. Being able to read what an animal gives permission for and what they may not want is key.

Animal Reiki as a Business

If you feel drawn you will have all the tools to successfully open your own Reiki Practice. Being able to heal animals and the human companions is a gift that is rare and unique. Included is a step by step process of everything you need to know.

Our Academy is for you if…..

  • You are ready to take action in your life!
  • You are open minded and want to learn!
  • You can be held accountable for your actions!
  • You are in search of a new way of looking at your world!

I’m Sarah Tricker

I fondly refer to Reiki as love. This is because when you open yourself to Reiki it really does bring so much love into your life. I was drawn to take Reiki training not long after I had completed my mediumship training. I was already doing spiritual healing and felt there was something missing. When I took my Reiki training it gave me the missing keys to be able to help my clients to the next level of their healing.

There was more! My Reiki Master, Sherry Crawford, was given her own unique symbol to strengthen her journey as an animal healer. Of course, it was something that I immediately said yes too! I have always had a deep love for animals. A deep respect for their place on our earth. After my attunement I noticed a big shift in the way animals acted around me. A calmness that maybe was as prevalent before.

This training helped me when we rescued Salem. He was my shop cat and became a house cat when the store closed. He had a severe heart murmur and also debilitating bladder issues. When I first started treating him I would have to be on the other side of the room. However, as time passed he would come and lay on the floor in front of me and I would be able to place my hand on his bladder for relief. I like to think that this helped his pain and management of the symptoms while he was still with us.

What is very unique about the Animal Reiki Academy is that Reiki Shares live circle is available every month. This is where you can meet your fellow Reiki community. You can also connect with your Master Sarah Tricker. There is time to ask questions if you are struggling to understand any concepts in the courses. Each session you will receive a healing and give a healing as a group building your confidence as a Reiki healer.

When you are ready you book your one on one healing attunement with Sarah. Always remember that Reiki is an energy. There are no limitations on how energy moves through the ether. Your attunement will be received using crown to crown process. This is part of the way in which Usui used to attune his students. Students who have received attunements in person and from a distant often say the distant attunement feels more powerful.

I trust that you have been brought here for a reason and am excited to see you inside the Reiki Academy!





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