Womban Healers Energized in Business


There is a deep yearning calling from within your womb to help those around you!

Now is the time to trust your intuition, it is serving you well as you are being drawn to help others. We are in a massive shift in our world! The system that has been in place for many years is beginning to break down!

The energies in our world are changing. Humans are remembering and activating. Women once again are being drawn to the healing process, not only the Earth, yet all of its inhabitants too!


When you look around it seems that there are so many powerful women that are helping others breakthrough in their lives. You also want to share your gifts of caring and healing for the good of human kind!

A true saying that is used time and time again is; that you are always brought to the place you are supposed to be as synchronies are at play - and here you are at Womban Healers Energized in Business;

    • You are drawn to helping others!
    • You are in search of the guidance to help you discover your gifts!
    • You have the uncanny ability to see solutions for others easily!
    • The connection with spirit and the other worlds always fascinated you!
    • You have been through many twists and turns that have often been painful and at time treacherous!

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

With Womban Healers Energized in Business you can really step into soulpreneurship with confidence!


Through Womban Healers Energized in Business you could…..

  • Discover your niche as a healer
  • Start your own flourishing Healing business
  • Have access to a supportive Mothermind Community
  • Understand how your personal journey can help others
  • Trust your intuition and healing abilities with confidence

Womban Healers Energized in Business


This invitation if you choose to accept.....

Four Phases to Soulpreneurship! Take the leap of faith and launch your healing business. Learn how to use your life experience creating a path in which you can boldly help others!

Through Womban Healers Energized in Business you will confidently create your healing business.

You’ll learn:

  • Phase One ~ Lessons from your Archetypes
  • Phase Two ~ Discover your niche
  • Phase Three ~ Create your branding style
  • Phase Four ~ Attracting your ideal clients

The demand for healers is increasing exponentially! Your soul contracts are waiting for you to step into your destiny!

What’s included in our Academies.....


12 Week Program

Uncover everything you need to know to start your own healing business. You are guided through the four phases just like the lunar cycle. The Dark Moon you will unearth your archetypes. The Waxing Moon connect with your niche. The Full Moon reveal your brand strategy. Leading into the Waning Moon where you will call your soul contracts. For twelve weeks you will be granted access to each module that include all you need to grow.

Take charge of your learning in this self-study program!

Live Integration Circle

In our new world of learning we no longer need to receive direct teaching in long workshops. After working self-paced through each module you have the opportunity to join a live two hour integration circle. Here you connect with your Business Coach Sarah and your fellow students. This sacred circle is a container for integration of the module. Allowing the space to unpack deeper connections within your psyche. Replays will be available for those who cannot attend live.

Lifetime Access

Once you have made your investment you will be granted lifetime access to the Womban Healers Energized in Business Program. For as long as Sarah Tricker Alchemy is in business and the website is running you will be able to connect with this program. This will allow you to run each year with the new cohort of students as well as come back to content you want to work through again. As people we change and our life circumstances change; a lifetime access allows for life to happen!

Mothermind Community

An invitation to join the membership Mothermind Community creating lifelong connection. Stay connected to the womban who you started with as well as embracing the new who join each program. In this interactive community you will continue to grow who you are and how you show up in the world.

Our Program is for you if…..

  • You are ready to take action in your life!
  • You are open minded and want to learn!
  • You can be held accountable for your actions!
  • You are in search of a new way of looking at your world!

I’m Sarah Tricker

My business has been my biggest healing journey thus far. When I left my teaching career in 2016 I was naive in the journey I was beginning. So many of the programs and paradigms that were running behind the scenes have inevitably come to the surface. Don’t fear, I am not sharing this to scare you away. This is the biggest part of becoming a healed healer.

It is important to know that as humans we are never going to be perfect. Not in the way we show up, our energy, our being, and the way we deal with situations that may present themselves. What is important is that you are always striving to be the best version of yourself. That you are willing to see the lessons as they show. Most importantly are willing to do what is needed and asked of you from your higher self.

I have created the Womban Healers Energized in Business as a way in which to save you some lessons. It really has taken me many years to fully understand myself. How I am the face of my business and that it is me that people come for. To embrace technology and our modern world. Understanding how to use social media as a positive impact in people’s lives. Being clear of the sales funnel and how to confidently tell people that I am worth the investment they are willing to pay.

None of these things come easily for any soulpreneur. I think as womban we are intimately connected to our business and must act accordingly. You are putting your heart and soul out into the universe to critique when you start your healing business and it scary. However, as you begin to be of service to others all of those fears melt away.

I welcome you to this container where I will guide you through a journey to soulpreneurship. One created with a mothermind of womban who have chosen this path with you. Trust that I will be candid in sharing my experience and lessons. If you come with an open heart know that you too can have a business like mine and yet unique to you!





Sarah's Tricker Alchemy's Womban Healers Energized in Business Investment Pathways

Evergreen Package

$466 x3

3X easy monthly instalments

Access to Womban Healers Energized in Business Program


Evergreen Package


Onetime investment (save 25%)

Access to Womban Healers Energized in Business Program


VIP Package

$949 x3

3X easy monthly instalments

Access to Womban Healers Energized in Business Program


Mediumship, Reiki, & Tarot Academies (50% discount)


VIP Package


Onetime investment (save 25%)

Access to Womban Healers Energized in Business Program


Mediumship, Reiki, & Tarot Academies (50% discount)


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Frequently Asked Questions.....

What students are saying about Tricker Tarot Academy....

Charis Yasinski

“When I started my journey with Sarah for the Women Healers Energized in Business I was in a different frame of mind and spirit. I was emotionally unstable. Someone could say something, maybe jokingly and it would upset me for days. I would take it personally and dwell on it and internalize it. Sarah has taught me how to change that habit, change my mindset and I learnt how to not let others words affect me.

I have learnt how to live for today, plan for the future and embrace my past. Not to forget my past but to let go of any past issues and traumas that were still affecting me presently.

My biggest lesson I learnt was how to truly love every little thing about myself as a whole: mind, body and soul. And for this I am forever grateful.

I chose Sarah because she a wonderful teacher whom can show you things you might not have thought of or to see the other side of something that you did not think about. She does not judge and comes from love. I am blessed to have her as my mentor.

Thank you Sarah!”

Lyndsay Bennett

“I was in a low spot in my life with really no direction, looking for something. I met Sarah and loved her right away off the bat. I took her year-long course that included Tarot, Reiki, and Mediumship. I met lots of healers and made new friends.

Now the year is over I feel empowered and a strong beautiful Goddess! My biggest lesson was to be grateful, thankful, and that I am worthy of all that there is. To heal myself and love myself.

My vision of the future has changed now that I have my Reiki Masters with all my certificates ready to start a business that I had only dreamed about. I could not have done it without the support of Sarah who shared all of her knowledge. I was empowered to be in the women healers and to do something for myself, by myself, and with Sarah and the women I got to meet.

I chose Sarah because she was close to where I live and was the only one who offered a course like this. I would recommend Sarah, she is fun and magical! She keeps in touch and is a very good support with a wealth of knowledge. ”

Dori Senneker

“When I first started with Sarah in the Women Healers in Business course, I did not like myself very much. I felt stuck in a job that I did not love and I was feeling frustrated with the rut I was in. I had always had gifts but had spent most of my life ignoring them. I have always felt separate from other people because I could feel other people’s energy. Through this course I have learned that I am an empath and I am a healer. Sarah’s course has taught me how to combine my gifts to create my own business using Reiki and Tarot.

The biggest lesson I learned was that I am powerful and I am worthy of all of the things the Universe has to offer. My vision of the future went from being stuck in a job I didn’t like, to working for myself to create a life of abundance. The support that I received from Sarah during Life Coaching was at times challenging but ultimately forced me to recognize and accept all parts of myself. I learned how to recognize my strengths and my weaknesses and how I could use them to create a business that works for me.

I chose Sarah because her messages and readings online really resonated with me. I had always been interested in Spirituality and I felt her beliefs aligned with mine. I recommend the Sarah Tricker Alchemy Academy to anyone interested in learning these skills for themselves. Sarah is a wonderful teacher and really helped me to design my own path in life. ”

Jen Morrison

“If I was to describe my experience in the women's healers energized in business program in one sentence, I would say it is a year-long program that changed the way I see myself and how I strive to interact with the world.

I would recommend this program to any woman who is looking for support and inspiration as you build a business in healing.

Not only did this program help to create a strong foundation for my unique business, Sarah's guidance also helped me learn how to tune into my mind, body, and soul.

I chose to work with Sarah because of her insightful guidance, something that has helped me to push past boundaries and see solutions so in tune with my needs. I'm grateful for Sarah's knowledge and experience and I couldn't have asked for a better teacher!

I would recommend Sarah Tricker Academy for anyone wanting to learn and grow in a supported, trusting and fun, environment. ”

Megan Yuill

“When I started this course I was at a standstill in my spiritual business and was looking to add to it and give it a boost. Oh boy did I get that and more! Not only did I get great business tips but I also learned more about myself. My biggest lesson I’d say would be life coaching is another piece of my business that I was missing. I will be taking this course in February with Sarah.

This year was a big one for me, having the support of the life coaching really made a huge difference. I don’t know how I would have made it through without!

I chose Sarah because she is real, she is genuine, fun, and kind. I have done Reiki shares with Sarah in the past and learned something new every time. I would highly recommend Sarah, she’s helped me get to know myself, my patterns and more. She has helped me let go and release all of what was not serving me. I’ll never forget this year and this course! ”

Lesa Thompson

“Where I started was frustrated, confused and looking for guidance and answers. My biggest lesson was to calm my body and mind into ‘just being’ allowing the healing energy to do what is needed.

My vision for the future changed in a way of giving me a better understanding of my abilities, to change, adjust and trust in myself, that I have what it takes. To work at doing what I enjoy.

To have support throughout the year kept me progressing. I was just drawn to Sarah for whatever reason. Things happen for a reason just trust it.

Well I would recommend Sarah if you’re wanting to be aware knowing that Sarah has the skills to guide and has a vast amount of knowledge and awareness, her inner strength is a magnet. ”

Karen Three Persons

“I started taking Reiki classes with Sarah a few years back to help myself with healing. I wanted to explore more in self-healing as well as healing for others. My biggest lesson is that we can heal ourselves so we can move forward in our life journey.

My vision for the future is to help women with addictions to help them see a better way to cope with obstacles.

When I was looking for healing in life I came across Sarah and our destiny has grown from there! My journey with Sarah was meant to be and I am honoured to have her as my teacher in a few programs. I would definitely recommend Sarah Tricker Alchemy Academy to anyone who is looking for more in their life journey. ”

Shirlie Wulhand

“When I started with Sarah I had just lost my husband to cancer. Sarah gave me a reason to live again. My biggest lesson was the archetype wheel it explained so much of my life. My future is no longer grim. I have come out of my shell. Sarah has stood behind me all the way. When I fall she is there to pick me up. I came to meet Sarah when I was looking for a medium and we were constantly connected. I would, and have, recommend Sarah to everyone. She is down to earth and truly cares about her clients. Thank you for giving me your all, I’m a powerful and confident woman!”

Brenda Sutherland

“For me the biggest change was personal growth. Sarah’s class was very helpful to help me heal parts of myself that were preventing myself from manifesting what I wanted and deserved. Now I do this so fluently knowing I deserve it all.

Also, certification in all areas makes me ready, willing, and able to give back. I will always be grateful for my year with Sarah and the girls in my class.

I am finally complete, whole, and worthy of my best life.

Thank You! ”