Witch Seekers Passage

You have always interacted with the earth and stars in a way that is connected to something deep inside!

For as long as you can recall you are bonded with the etheric. There is an uncanny ability to read the energy of all living beings. Your discernment of your surroundings leads to isolation!

Nature, animals, the skies, and esoteric ways of interacting with your life bares more fruit. There is a knowing that rises from deep within your soul’s journey. Yet, you are somehow alone!


There are many kindred spirits just as yourself. They too, are hiding in the shadows, amongst the breast of Mother Nature. Searching for a space to be loved an honoured for who they are!

A true saying that is used time and time again is; that you are always brought to the place you are supposed to be, as synchronies are at play, and here you are at Witch Seekers Passage;

    • You are drawn to the esoteric!
    • You are in search of the guidance to help you discover your gifts!
    • You have the uncanny ability to see to see far outside the normal realms!
    • The connection with spirit and the other worlds always fascinated you!
    • You have a yearning to learn more about magic and rules of the cosmos

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

With the Witch Seekers Passage, you really can bring magic into your life!

Through Witch Seekers Passage you could…..

  • Understand the history of the craft
  • Fully align with the feminine & masculine journeys
  • Trust your intuition and healing abilities with confidence
  • Completely shine your light into the shadow side of yourself
  • Walk this path together with likeminded people and with the guidance of a High Priestess

Witch Seekers Passage


This invitation if you choose to accept.....

Four Phases to Magic! Discover your authentic Witch confidently embracing the craft. Welcome the Triple Goddess, Horned God, Lunar Cycles, and Turning of the Wheel to create balance!

Through Witch Seekers Passage you will confidently step into your authentic Witch.

You’ll learn:

  • Phase One ~ Magical Basics
  • Phase Two ~ Triple Goddess & Horned God
  • Phase Three ~ Shadow Mask
  • Phase Four ~ Chaos Magic

Confidently walk the path of a Witch through the creation of a solid magical foundation!

What’s included in our

Signature Programs.....


12 Week Program

Uncover everything you need to know to create a solid foundation for your journey as a Witch. You are guided through the four phases just like the lunar cycle. The Dark Moon you will unearth all magical basics. The Waxing Moon connect with The Triple Goddess & Horned God. The Full Moon reveal your Shadow Mask. Leading into the Waxing Moon where you will discover the power in chaos magic. For twelve weeks you will be granted access to each module that includes all you need to grow.

Take charge of your learning in this self-study program!

Live Akelarre Integration Circle

In our new world of learning we no longer need to receive direct teaching in long workshops. Each week, after working self-paced through each module, you have the opportunity to join live two hour Akelarre integration circles. Here, you connect with your High Priestess Sarah, and your fellow students. This sacred circle is a container for integration of the module. Allowing the space to unpack deeper connections within your psyche. Replays will be available for those who cannot attend live.

Lifetime Access

Once you have made your investment you will be granted lifetime access to the Witch Seekers Passage Program. For as long as Sarah Tricker Alchemy is in business, and the website is running, you will be able to connect with this program. This will allow you to run each year with the new cohort of students, as well as, come back to content you want to work through again. As people, we change, and our life circumstances change; a lifetime access allows for life to happen!

Locrina Coven

At the end of your twelve week program, upon completion of all projects, you will be invited into the Locrina Coven. This membership will grant you access to the Locrina Coven trainings as well as our community. Now a hybrid community, we meet on each New & Full Moon online. We then create a hybrid Ritual for the eight Sabbats. This is the sacred space you get to build relationships with the Coven at large.

Annual Initiation Ceremony

As a Coven we aim to create a sacred initiation ceremony for new members. We convene for a weekend trip somewhere that we feel is a sacred space. Our wish is that all Locrina Coven Members make the trip to do a fully immersive weekend as a group in person. Here we share our learnings and welcome new members through ritual.

Our program is for you if…

  • You are open minded and want to learn!
  • You are wanting to find likeminded community!
  • You are ready to take commit to your spiritual path!
  • You are in search of a new way of looking at your world!

I’m Sarah Tricker

The creation of the Locrina Coven has come with many twists and turns, just like my journey into becoming a Witch. It really is true, that we have always been a Witch, the journey is to accept this part of you. Even within my career through time; teacher, healer, and now birth worker, these are all skills of the feminine. In the times where Witches were hunted, they were the midwives, healers, and gifted womban of the villages.

The Locrina Coven has also gone through many shifts and changes from its conception in 2019. The original dream was soul sisters, and we all met in person. Overtime, we became too entangled within member’s lives, which ended with heartache and sadness. Through the pandemic we went online morphing into a hybrid Coven. This has allowed people from all over to be able to join our journey.

It has taken me many years to build the structure of the Locrina Coven. It began with this, the Witch Seekers Passage. A combination of the year’s research and practice, packaged into a neat process for you to walk. There are so many books, course, blogs, videos, and experts to follow it can be overwhelming. The passage is to create a solid foundation for the members. We all start at the same place. If you feel like I am the High Priestess you align too, then you are invited into our Coven. Here you can move through the levels into High Magic. There is a process and it takes time to be of the highest skill. You are supported and encouraged to bring your own spice to the table.

I am personally very proud of the creation of the Witch Seekers Passage & Locrina Coven. My dream is to see it expand and become worldwide. With High Priestess/Priests starting the Locrina Coven teachings into their own communities. The Legacy that I would like to leave to this world. Would you like to join me?





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Witch Seekers Passage

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Frequently Asked Questions.....

What students are saying about

Witch Seekers Passage....

Karen Three Persons

“I have been on a personal wellness journey with Sarah & then I became interested in taking more of her classes from her academy. I was already taking a class with Sarah when she mentioned the Witch Seekers Passage Class to me. We had a discussion about the class & I told her I will pray about it. Although she had me sold on it when she stated “would you like your life to be magical.” I can say that this is part of my wellness journey right now. I initially had qualms about this course I did overcome them & I’m so glad I was a part of this class. Where I am now very happy to have completed this class & be a witch initiate at this time. I still feel like I have a lot to learn about the witchcraft & I will learn more as my life journey continues. I am very grateful about learning how to manifest & learn to be positive in my life journey.

Visiting the shadow side has allowed me to know there will always be some kind of storm in life, we don’t have control over the storms. I just have to work through them & release what I don’t have control over. I’m embracing this & working on it.

My vision for the future has changed significantly by living each day as it comes & having more structure on my days off & always having a rest day to recuperate. I have learned to know that if a situation or people no longer have a purpose in my life I need to just let it or them go. I certainly improving on this as it isn’t easy to do. I’m learning to say NO when I had my first experience with setting my boundaries with a family member; oh my did I get some back lash but i stood my ground. I have learned to appreciate & be grateful for all I have in life. I am planning on retirement in about 6 years. I’m going to start working on my business as a healer & wellness coach.

I feel blessed to have taken this program under the guidance of a High Priestess. I think Sarah was very knowledgeable about the witchcraft. Sarah was a very supportive teacher & guided the witch seekers passage students with an open mind. During the rituals she guided us through them with ease & taught us that if we didn’t have the exact supplies we can substitute or visualize having the supplies. Learning from a High Priestess for this witch seekers passage course is a class that I feel should be taught by another witch that is very familiar with the craft.

I have taken other classes from Sarah such as Reiki right to Master level, Women Healers Energized in Business & now Witch Seeker Passage. When I first decided I needed something more in my life, so I was ready to take a class on Reiki energy healing which I felt I needed at that time in my life. I connected with Sarah on Facebook at the beginning of 2018 & we finally were able to connect in April 2018. By November 2018 I completed my Master in Reiki & the universe was able to provide with the time from my own busy schedule. Sarah’s profession is a teacher & she is following her passion as an alternate healer teacher. I like that she is able to incorporate theory along with hands on with all of her classes. She allows for discussions within the class setting & everyone is respectful of others when they are expressing themselves.

I strongly recommend Sarah Tricker Alchemy Academy because she is a trained teacher & makes her classes interesting & interactive. Her academy has several classes that help improve your life for the best especially if you are on a wellness journey. Her classes allow for respectful discussions. As mentioned earlier I have taken a few classes from Sarah’s academy & all have been beneficial to me. Each class has added to my wellness journey & improved my life. Most importantly I have gained a lot of experience on how to set up a business for myself, which I am very excited for. Sarah is always ready to answer any question a student may have, she even is able to teach or walk us through any technical problems. With the pandemic most of the students learned how to use Zoom to do our classes & the interaction was still there. All in all it has been an honour for me to have Sarah support me through healing, wellness & learn to set boundaries for myself. So that I don’t always feel like I’m running on empty as self-care is very important. Thank you Sarah for having your academy & the classes that have helped me to learn about myself as well as obtain skills to help other people."

Dixie Potter

“I have always been interested in the spiritual world and have learned a couple of ways to touch that world. When I met Sarah I was in a place that is hard to explain, I knew I wanted more information on how to contact spirit on a deeper level just didn’t know how to do that. I dabbled with Oracle cards and read up on Wiccan. I just didn’t know how to get the right information. In walks Sarah, it started with group Reiki and we instantly had a connection, her light heartedness couldn’t hide her compassion and leadership side of her personality. She didn’t fool me, I knew immediately that somehow I needed to learn what I wanted to know from her. Then one day she invited me to join her Witch Seekers group, I didn't even have to think about it, I’m in. Through her knowledgeable leadership and teaching abilities I have learned what being a Witch is about and have been practicing the craft with her guidance. It is just so FREAKING cool to understand now what I was looking for. I love the bond we have formed with our Coven and together I believe we can move mountains.

If anyone is looking for information on how to touch the spiritual world in a deeper way, Sarah is your girl.”

Elsie Matheson

“The biggest lesson that I learnt was to trust myself and the path I have chosen. Although I am still working towards my goal my vision for the future I can see things a whole lot differently. I have been working with Sarah since January 2019 and she always make you feel welcome and her programs are fun. My experience in having Sarah as a mentor was that she is caring and supportive. Sarah has brought a lot of insight to my journey using her guidance. I would recommend this program to others. I was able to learn about the history of witchcraft. I also found the witch in me with the help of my soul sisters. Thanks for taking this journey with me. Love and light!”

Gill Ovenden

“Through the Witch Seekers Passage my biggest lesson was the building of the shadow mask. My vision changed for the future in many ways. I now look to be more aware of my natural spaces. I work so much more with intentions. My spells are mostly intention setting. I learnt so much from this course, Sarah had each class building on the previous. I enjoyed so much learning with my cohorts, the class always had the mix of serious learning and fun. I chose Sarah Tricker Alchemy as she is highly recommended. My experience in the Witch Seekers Passage was that it was an excellent course. There was lots of support with achievable goals. The time went very quickly. I would recommend this course if you are drawn to witchcraft and spirits. It is very interactive!”

Niasha Three Persons

“Through the Witch Seekers Passage my biggest lesson was getting in touch with my shadow side, before beginning this class I had no idea that everyone has a shadow side. My vision for my future has changed as I’ve learned to be easy on yourself for your time will come and everything that happens has a purpose. I chose Sarah Tricker Alchemy as I had learned about the course through my grandma, who seemed to be doing really well, and it has helped her a lot. I also wanted to get in touch will my spiritual side. My experience with Sarah as a mentor was amazing, she speaks her truth and sticks to her word. I appreciate her honesty and wisdom. I would recommend this program because it has helped me along my healing journey immensely, I feel like this was my calling and it may be others too. With a great mentor and content throughout the course.”