Sarah as Teacher


When the student is ready the teacher will appear!

Those who are drawn to teaching are full of curiosity and aspire to ignite the same within their student.

To become a teacher there is a social responsibility and openness that change can occur through learning. Throughout history it is known how education changes the fabric of a society empowering its people to stand up and make a change.


Our world has changed, what you’re searching for is knowledge and a transformational journey!

There is no other explanation for you being here today other than fate!

  • You are searching for knowledge
  • You are experiencing an awakening
  • You are wanting to find likeminded people
  • You have been searching for a sacred routine
  • You are seeking a guide to help you carve a clear path
  • You want to find a trusted mentor who has already walked the path

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Access to esoteric knowledge in an easy and approachable way!

Schooling primarily became a part of society through the Industrial Revolution. Back when factories were hiring young children who would often get injured and killed, something needed to be done. The state began educating young children. This was done as a way to prepare them for factory work. This is why schools are regimented with structured bell system.

As time progressed schools became a place where each state could indoctrinate the children into their particular social norms. The particular skills that were needed for the workforce. Basic skills such as English, Maths, and Science. Girls would go into finishing classes that would teach them how to cook and mend clothing and boys would go into more hands on work preparing them for trades. Private education would prepare their students for university as the parents were already highly educated and the expectation of their children to become Doctors and Lawyers would continue.

Education has gone through many shifts and changes. With movements such as the suffragettes access became open for women to go onto higher education and eventually to move in to male dominated fields. In most countries in today’s society everyone has an opportunity to go into higher education with access to scholarships and funding in the hope to allow people to move through social classes.

The hope for our modern education system is that we create critical thinkers. It is not only about preparing communities to be successful workers. Education is to help create a better society. Entrepreneurship is encouraged in our capitalist society. Careers are more easily accessible. When a society is more educated there is more creativity, better logic, and a deeper understanding in creating job security for its people. Those who step into our world as teachers do so as they are passionate about education and their students. If they can ignite a passion for life-long learning in their students they have passed the torch of knowledge.


Sarah’s Teaching

This invitation if you choose to accept….

Step into the esoteric learnings restoring ancient discernment through; connection to ancient wisdom, knowledge, and traditions, connecting to your inner wisdom, and your ancestor’s journey!

Through Sarah's Teaching you will truly align the mind, body, & your soul.

You’ll learn;

  • Connect to the tools of the esoteric!
  • Learn to trust your own internal compass!
  • Be able to bring peace to the mind and flow with life instead of against it!

Sarah's Accomplishments.....

Education & Arts and Science Degrees

In 2007 Sarah arrived in Canada and attended the most prestigious education program across Canada at the University of Lethbridge. She combined her Education Degree with a General Arts and Science Degree. Sarah’s areas of study were; History, Sociology, Psychology, with a minor in Native Studies. Sarah worked as a high school social studies teacher from January 2013 through June 2016.

Organic Horticulture

As part of her journey as a high school teacher Sarah became the lead in an EverActive project to bring a derelict greenhouse back up to working order and teach students to grow food connecting back with their land. Sarah went to the Gaia College and achieved certification in Organic Horticulture giving her the tools to teach her love of nature.


In 2017, Sarah was formally trained in Mediumship. Although the gift runs in the familial side, her mother Gill Ovenden, was trained in England in the 1990’s. A small group of women were gathered and went through a Mediumship Circle. This is how Mediumship skills are taught and developed traditionally. Sarah took her gift into guiding others.

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki

In 2017 Sarah was also called to learn more deeply about Reiki. This journey into becoming a Reiki Master changed Sarah’s life, as well as her clients, forever. Not only did she remove the boundaries between past, present, and future for herself, she also was able to teach her clients to do the same for themselves. Sarah has attuned over 150 people to Reiki.

Certified Coaches Federation

The last piece of the puzzle in 2017 was the formal training through the Certified Coaches Federation of Canada. After a women’s retreat Sarah was lead down the path of becoming a certified coach, with a difference. Over many years and clients Sarah is comfortable in her coaching style as a spiritual life coach. Helping clients align their mind, body, and soul.

Vinyasa 200hr Yoga Teacher

In 2021 Sarah completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. Although, this particular training was taken as a part of her personal journey to health, it ultimately weaved into her clients offerings. The connection with AstroYoga, aligning the stars and Yoga, was a missing piece in Sarah’s holistic teachings.

This is for you if…..

  • You are open minded and want to learn!
  • You are committed to embracing your inner wisdom!
  • You are in search of your tribe for collaboration in your journey!
  • You truly want to align using ancient tools with a modern twist!

I’m Sarah Tricker

Becoming a teacher wasn’t something I had always wanted to do. I also wasn’t planning on becoming a mother at the young age of 19 year old. However, the two came hand in hand. After I gave birth to my son, and a few years later my daughter, my life purpose became clear. As a young married couple with two young children it didn’t even seem possible to get my teaching degree.

In 2005 my parents left England and made a new life in Canada for their retirement. We came and visited that Christmas. Crazy to think back, the kiddos actually came out twice to visit on their own. Can you even imagine putting a five and seven year old on their own on a plane to Canada from England? Looking back I can see why my children are as confident in their endeavours as they had such life experience that others around them did not.

It was very hard on my children that their Nan and Granddad had moved so far away. In 2007 we came for the Easter break to figure out a way to move to Canada. My husband had secured a job at a local trucking company. I had secured a job in the nearest city as a Manager at McDonalds. I had also lined up an interview with the principle at the school in Granum. Little did I know this conversation would change the trajectory of our lives forever!

In my mind the purpose of my visit was to see if I could get a teachers aid job. Obviously, I had no experience in this field and as it turns out you also need certification here in Canada. I then continued to tell Mrs. Penikett how I had dreamed of becoming a teacher. She simply asked why I did not go and get my teaching degree. Well this opened up a can of worms that could not be undone.

This was nearing the end of our holiday in Canada. I saw the principle on the Thursday and we were flying back to England on the following Tuesday. The thing that made this difficult was that it was Easter Weekend! I went back to my parent’s house and called the University of Lethbridge. It seems that my education from England wasn’t enough. I was passed over the College. After speaking with the international student liaison I was booked in Friday morning for an entrance exam.

The rest was history we went back to England with a letter an acceptance in hand. Then the real work began as we systematically began to pack our life up in England and prepare for our move to Canada. We arrived back in October 2007 and I began school in January 2008. I changed so much as a person through my journey into teaching, and continue to change! Although I may not be a high school teacher, I will always be a teacher. This is an integral part of who I am and shows up in all work I do!


Sarah’s Teaching

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