Spiritual Guidance

The time has arrived, for the death of the ego, and to fully surrender to the divine truth!

As you begin your journey of enlightenment spiritual guidance allows you to see the woods from the trees.

Spiritual guides have been a part of our world for millennia!

People have always consorted with those who were gifted to source answers to their questions, get validation for their decisions, and to be able to see into the unseen.


It is time to trust that the universe has your back!

There is no other explanation for you being here today other than fate!

  • Experience a holistic approach to your situation!
  • Experience an out of the box way to find solutions!
  • Experience guidance and validation for decisions you are about to make in life!
  • Experience the universe is here to support you and wants you to call upon them!
  • Experience that your loved ones who have passed, are close, and want to guide you!
  • Experience the shifting of blocks that have stopped abundance, health, and success!

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Abundance, health, and success is your birthright!


Spiritual Guidance


This invitation if you choose to accept.....

Come with an open heart and open mind; allow the death of the ego, fully surrendering to the divine truth, finally becoming spiritually enlightened seeing into the unseen!

Here at Sarah Tricker Alchemy, know that the spiritual guidance is like no other session you have ever attended before.

As an alchemist your experience is steeped in ritual from the moment you arrive, to when you leave. The session begins with clearing the space. Sarah will have chosen a candle, inscribed and dressed it intuitively, before your arrival. At the end, Sarah will examine the candle which gives clear indication of the work that has been done. You will then get to set your own intention using a bay leaf and place it in motion. Creating the space for you to release the old and welcome in the new.

Mediumship runs in the Family!

Sarah is originally from England where she was surrounded in the old ways. Sarah is fifth generation practicing medium as far back as there is knowledge within their family – or for those who admitted it anyway! Sarah received a message from her great-great Nan who informed her that the gift has been within the female side since the time of the cunning folk in the 1500’s. Many women in their family kept it a secret through fear of persecution.
Sarah is lucky to be able to be who she is openly today! Her whole life has been surrounded by spirit yet, it has taken her a long time to accept her life purpose! Sarah is now fully committed to passing on the messages that she is given from her spirit guides using spiritual guidance.
Sarah has been gifted with the ability to bring together the inner and outer worlds, and with every interaction with spirit, you are provided with an opportunity to experience a meaningful and magical connection.

What you can experience with Spiritual Guidance!

Spiritual Life Coach

As a spiritual life coach Sarah approaches coaching differently. She still enriches her sessions by seeing the patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs of her clients. Yet, she goes deeper by helping align mind, body, and spirit before her clients carve out their goals.

High Priestess

As the High Priestess of Locrina Coven Sarah, will bring all of her teachings and knowledge of the esoteric to your sessions. Ritual is important when working in the spiritual realms. Know that you will always be safe within the circle of protection in your healing sessions.


Sarah has been gifted the ability to bring together the inner & outer worlds. With every interaction with spirit, you are provided with an opportunity to experience a meaningful & magical experience. Your guides & loved ones are always available to help you in your journey here in the physical world with Sarah tapping into their wisdom.


The experience of the Tarot allows you to watch before your own eyes as the cards unfold, showing you the tapestry of your life. You are not a bystander in your life, and nor should you be, in something that is so unique to you and your life story. Sarah will guide you on a journey, where you will be intimately involved, leaving you with a sense of clarity and hope for the future.


Sarah is trained as Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master, being attuned in all levels of Usui Reiki. Reiki energy can never cause harm and is used only for good. This ancient form of Japanese healing is always given with love. There is no right or wrong way to receive Reiki healing, as the universal energy will always go directly where it is needed. The benefits of Reiki are clearing the aura, energy blockages in the body, removing past life energy, and creating calm, and often, pain free life.


Sarah also has a 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and 50 hour in Yoga Nidra. The use of movement of the body and breath is a powerful tool which can help you move energy and blockages from your body. The philosophies attached to Yoga include; Dosha’s and Ayurveda, which are practical ways to change how you feel at the deepest level in your body.

What is so unique about Sarah is that she is multifaceted and has many tools to draw upon. No one session will look the same, your healing evolves, as does that which Sarah brings to the table.

Spiritual Guidance is for you if…

  • You are searching for an alternative holistic healer!
  • You desire an out of the box way of finding solutions!
  • You have been searching for some guidance in your future!
  • You need validation for the decisions you are about to make!
  • You are ready to make the changes asked from you to accept abundance, health and success!

I’m Sarah Tricker ~ My Soul Purpose

There have been many twists and turns in Sarah’s life to bring her to the place of being on task in her soul purpose. From a young age, Sarah hid from her gift. Yet, it was always there in the background. 

After becoming a mother, Sarah’s life focus shifted as she raised her family. She was supporting her husband as he found his own life purpose. Being busy with young children, took the focus of her gift, and gave Sarah some breathing space.

As her children grew the calling once again began to get louder. After their move to Canada, Sarah began to focus more on her own career. She successfully completed her education degree and began the path of teaching in high school. But somehow, this was not fulfilling her soul as she expected.

After a personal development weekend retreat Sarah’s vision was becoming clearer. She left teaching only one year after starting her first business Tricker Tarot. It did not take long for the transformation to begin. After rebranding in 2018, to Sarah Tricker Alchemy, it shifted her into creating her Academy and Signature Programs. These were designed to help propel women into authenticity. There is another transmutation occurring. It has become apparent over the past few years that there is a huge disconnect with the masculine and feminine divine. Sarah has been called to create a safe space for both men and women to discover their divine once again.


Spiritual Guidance Sacred Offering


One on One Session


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What clients are saying about Spiritual Guidance....

Donna Brown

“I have worked with others and NEVER had the experience I had with Sarah. She’s been here with me since my new life journey has begun! The universe works in amazing ways! I highly recommended!!”

Rhonda Dawes

“I met with Sarah today and had an amazing experience! She is so genuine in her approach and clearly gets the message across. Her new website has a great feature where you can log in and see a summary of all that was discussed which was wonderful as there was so much info to absorb in one session! Overall an amazing experience and I highly recommend her!”

Doreen Braaten

“Sarah is a great listener and she communicates in a way I can understand. This allows me to look at things in a different perspective. Love her!”

Maryann Graham

“Sarah schedule me in right away. She gave me good insight on what I need to pursue to find my search. Easy to talk to and gives good feedback. Would have her do another session when needed.”

Tenille McDougall

“Sarah has a very welcoming energy, and creates a space that provides magical insight and clarity. She has a beautiful collection of Tarot cards that will speak to your soul!”

Sandra Lamouche

“Powerful experience to help me through these strange and difficult times, I wish I booked earlier, and will definitely be back. Sarah has helped me so much over the years.”

Rosie Jane Tailfeathers

“Sarah is very experienced in reading tarot cards, reiki etc. and this is not the first time I have participated. I’ve gone to her several times and I been very satisfied and I keep returning because of the professionalism and expertise that she has in this field. I recommend her highly. For anyone interested.”

Jennifer LaFromboise-Wagner

“Today I had a session to converse with my loved ones. Great messages to help me to move forward with my skills and purpose here on Earth. The session was tough for me, Sarah has a great way of walking people through tough sessions. I appreciate the comfort level she provides. Thank you!”

Roseanne deBeaudrap

“Wow! Sarah was Right Spot On! I was needing direction in some areas of my life. That was 2 months ago. Things are miraculously turning out as she had seen in the cards and intuitively told me they would. I highly recommend Sarah for anyone wanting some reassurance and guidance going forward. She has given me clarity and reassurance.”

Dawn Yeung

“It’s only the beginning of a long road of being whole again….. Taking each blockage down is an amazing feeling and knowing you are making room for positive energy to come in.”

Rayel Smith

“I had an awesome experience! She’s super friendly and gave me such accurate readings. And just an all-around great person, highly recommend her!”

Cindy Campbell

“I have had both in person and online tarot readings with Sarah. Both were fabulous and gave me much needed guidance to my questions. I would definitely recommend to anyone seeking answers on this life journey.”

Sandy Mesic

“My Mediumship and Tarot card reading was AMAZING!! I will definitely be going back for another!”

Brooke Peterson

“Sarah is very down to earth and understanding. Likes to pull examples from her own experience to make things relatable.”

Shirlie Wahlund

“Sarah is amazing she told me things that only my late husband would have known. I'm going back to see her again in 6month. Thank you Sarah!”

Cassie Poch

“Sarah’s energy is great and she has a beautiful work space. Sarah connected me with passed family, which was a very special experience for me. Then, I had a reiki session that was relaxing and realigning. I would recommend Sarah Tricker Alchemy to a friend!”

Tommy Many Fingers

“Thank you Sarah for providing me with some clarity in life. You have just allowed me to see a bigger picture on my life’s outlook but also those feelings and questions I pondered on since I lost my husband recently. I strongly recommend Sarah :)”

James Childs

“I am new to the art of reiki and had my first appointment with Sarah she made the experience very comfortable by walking me through what reiki is and how it works. Sarah is a very friendly and knowledgeable person who is well connected with her surroundings and that if you are looking into alchemy for the first time I would definitely suggest talking with Sarah because definitely knows her stuff.”

Kayla Walker

“In the past few years, I’ve become more curious about the metaphysical. I’ve had a few experiences between Card readings, reiki sessions, a few books, and personal experiences. I’ve had times where I need a boost, or extra guidance (I’m a bit of a mess most of the time. I found from my first session with Sarah she was able to tailor my card reading so I could find ways to start listening closer to opportunities I may be handed from the universe. Truly, my card reading spoke to me and the situation that I’m currently in. Sarah was able to explain what Spirit might be trying to tell me. It gave me chills. Sarah is a kind soul and is able to connect and listen to what most might not hear. I plan on going back next month :) Thanks Sarah!”

James Korol

“Sarah’s insights have helped me gain clarity and direction to discovering my purpose in life. Gratitude and love for this amazing lady!!!”

Alli Bezooyen

“We LOVED going to see Sarah.... Not only did she give us just what we needed... but she is truly the most genuine, kind person you will meet. Very welcoming, we had a great time! Will be back soon!!”

Caroline Russell

“It is always a great experience with Sarah Tricker. Her readings are very accurate I would definitely recommend her to anyone.”

Joelle Line

“Sarah is incredibly talented at what she does. She gave me a very powerful reading and it was bang on. I felt safe and trusting of the space she created for us to do the reading. She was very detailed and her reading really supported me stepping into this new transition I am in - in my love life and my professional life. I recommend her to everyone and I will be using her services again for sure.”

B. Tamayose

“Sarah is a welcoming, warm, and kind person. She is also a little light-hearted which helped ease me through my session. I had a mediumship reading done and Sarah was not only able to connect with my loved ones but was able to present answers to my questions. It was a positive as well as a healing experience. I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone—she truly has a special gift!”