Soul Convergence Actuation


Deep inside your soul is calling for you to attain your life purpose yet, the path ahead seems to be obscured.

Throughout your life you have worked hard to get to where you stand. You have the key in your hand, amid the search for the lock to open is still remaining!

There is no price too great when it comes to the investment of yourself. Teachers and guides have come when you are ready. Now, it is time to put all the missing pieces together to attain abundance in your life!


Healing needs to be approached holistically to be able to copiously align mind, body, and soul!

Join the Soul Convergence Actuation Elite Coaching Program to:

  • Create clarity in your life path
  • Work in harmony with your soul purpose
  • Identify limiting beliefs that you have carried
  • Confidently create action steps towards your future

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

With the Soul Convergence Actuation coaching program you can really clear all the blocks that are in your way!


In this program you could…

  • Clearly see your big picture
  • Be able to balance vibrations of body and mind
  • Authentically live your life to its fullest potential
  • Embrace your intuition as you navigate your future
  • Create resilience to handle all life has in store for you

If not now, when? If not you, who? It is your time to fully invest into yourself and become your authentic self!


Soul Convergence Actuation


This invitation if you choose to accept…

Clear all blocks for complete alignment of mind, body, and soul to attain precision prosperity in your life!

Through the Inner Wisdom Exploration group coaching program you will create a clarity and purpose like never before! 

You’ll learn:

  • How to use your authentic voice
  • Align your soul purpose creating synergy with your 3D body
  • Approach life with a solution oriented mindset healing all wounds

Through this, elite limited one-on-one coaching, you’ll work directly with Sarah Tricker as she walks you through her proven pathworking, to get what you want instead of accepting what comes your way.

What’s included in your investment?

One on One Coaching

Throughout the duration of this elite one on one coaching you will work personally alongside Sarah Tricker. No matter what your life brings for this season, know that you will have the guidance and support you’ll need to fully elevate to the next vibrational level.

Weekly Check-Ins

On top of the two video conference meetings scheduled every month you will also boast weekly check-ins. These are to help you create momentum through accountability. If needed the ability to look at life from another view and pivot for success. Integrate the ability to trust your intuition through the support of your guide Sarah.

Access to Services

As an elite client of Sarah, you also have the access to any other services offered. While you navigate the proven coaching process any additional healing, as prescribed by Sarah, is on offer to you entirely included in your investment.

Wellness Wheel

The first phase of your coaching is to be able to look at your life holistically. Through this element discover limiting beliefs, blocks, and patterns that have held you back. Enabling you to create a clear picture of your future. What you hold in the mind you hold in the hand.

Chakra Clearing & Activations

The journey has only just begun as we enter phase two. As an alternative healer Sarah will now walk you through the process of clearing and activating your chakras. The journey begins at the Earth Star Chakra and ends at the Moon Star Chakra.

Alignment & Synergy

The final phase! You can’t even fathom the space you’ll be in from where you stand in your current life. People, opportunities, and pathways will open for you. You will be able to confidently align your soul purpose with your 3D body on the earth plane. You will have all the means needed to bring your dreams into a reality.

I'm Ready

I’m Sarah Tricker

Like many people my life has been filled with ups and downs. There has always been this part of me that see’s the silver lining. Maybe it’s to do with being a Scorpio; birth, death, and transformation. This is literally how I live my life. Times of outgoing transformation after the birth of some fandango new harebrained idea, just ask my hubby! Followed by death and introspection as I grasp why I am where I currently am. What I discovered as I matured in life is that not all people live in this way.

I am also a healer, fifth generation Medium. This brings a whole new level into my coaching abilities. I really like to tell people that I am a spiritual life coach. There is no conformity to the way I approach my client’s life. With my gifts I have the ability to look deeper into their life than they may have experienced before. In fact, I can heal your past lives into this life you have chosen now. 

Knowledge and books is a deep passion. It fascinates me to delve into history and learn how and why cultures have lived before us. To start to unpack the patterns that show up over and over. When I went to university to get my teaching degree I studied education, history, sociology, psychology, and native studies. Piecing together all of these components created an understanding that not all people may have. 

Let me tell you a little secret. I have dyslexia and dyscalculia. Back when I was in school there were no diagnoses for these and I became very high functioning. Most people don’t even really know, until you hear the weird and wonderful way in which I speak, my specialty in making words up! However, dyslexia is actually my superpower! Did you know it actually gives me the ability to look at the big picture in a way that others can’t? I am also given this superpower of seeing and finding patterns. 

If you have browsed my website you’ll already know that my life story is quite interesting. What I have discovered is that my ability to shift and transform as well as find patterns and see the big picture is my strength in guiding others. There is such a huge benefit for you to have a coach who is also a teacher. I can assure you there is no shortage of tools available for any situation that arises. On top of that, the ability to heal on all levels of mind, body, and soul. What more could you want?


Soul Convergence Actuation Elite Coaching


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