Self-Actualization Evolution

(A Certified Life Coaching Program)


There has been a profound shift within you that has created a sense of fortitude!

The path you have walked has not always been easy. As you look back, you feel deep within you, pride in the work you have done for you own healing. As you look around you see others who are struggling where you once did.

You trust your intuition and are now empowered in your life! It is time for you to help others breakthrough the journeys you yourself have walked!


There is a light that glimmers deep within you. It allows you to see the good that our world has to offer. Nearby is a yearning that is asking you to ignite the spark, and show others the way to the freedom you have found.

A true saying that is used time and time again is; that you are always brought to the place you are supposed to be as synchronies are at play ~ and here you are at Self-Actualization Evolution, a certified life coaching program;

    • You have invested in your own personal growth!
    • You are in search of the guidance to help you discover your gifts!
    • You have the uncanny ability to see solutions for others easily!
    • You have created a unique resolution that enabled you to clear negativity from your life!
    • You have been through many twists and turns that have often been painful and at time treacherous!

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

With Self-Actualization Evolution you can really step into being a life coach with confidence!


Through Self-Actualization Evolution you could…..

  • Discover your niche as a life coach
  • Start your own flourishing life coaching business
  • Have access to a supportive Mothermind Community
  • Understand how your personal journey can help others
  • Trust your intuition and healing abilities with confidence

Self-Actualization Evolution


This invitation if you choose to accept.....

Four Lunar Phases striding into your life coaching practice. Embrace your personal wisdom guiding others with ease; using the proven process of transmutation!

Through Self-Actualization Evolution you will confidently create your life coaching practice.

You’ll learn:

  • Phase One ~ The Human Brain & Paradigms
  • Phase Two ~ Theories of Development & Behaviour
  • Phase Three ~ The Female & Male Brain
  • Phase Four ~ Sociology, Culture, & The Life Coaching Process
  • BONUS MATERIALS ~ Business Considerations

The demand for life coaches is increasing exponentially! Your soul contracts are waiting for you to step into your destiny!

What’s included in our

Signature Programs.....


12 Week Program

Uncover everything you need to know to start your own life coaching business. You are guided through the four phases just like the lunar cycle. The Dark Moon you will understand the human brain and how it shapes our paradigms. The Waxing Moon connect with theories of development and human behaviour. The Full Moon reveal the uniqueness of the female and male brain. Leading into the Waxing Moon where you see how sociology, culture and the life coaching process are bound together. For twelve weeks you will be granted access to each module that include all you need to grow. On completion of the course materials and final assignment you will receive your certification certificate!

New Cohort begins May 2024!

Live Integration Circle

In our new world of learning we no longer need to receive direct teaching in long workshops. After working self-paced through each module you have the opportunity to join a live two hour integration circle. Here you connect with your Business Coach Sarah and your fellow students. This sacred circle is a container for integration of the module. Allowing the space to unpack deeper connections within your psyche. Replays will be available for those who cannot attend live.

Lifetime Access

Once you have made your investment you will be granted lifetime access to the Self-Actualization Evolution Certified Life Coaching Program. For as long as Sarah Tricker Alchemy is in business, and the website is running, you will be able to connect with this program. This will allow you to run each year with the new cohort of students, as well as come back to content you want to work through again. As people we change, and our life circumstances change; a lifetime access allows for life to happen!

Mothermind Community

An invitation to join the membership Mothermind Community creating lifelong connection. Stay connected to the womban who you started with as well as embracing the new who join each program. This is a hub for all the womban who have invested in Sarah Tricker Alchemy’s sacred offerings. In this interactive community you will continue to grow who you are and how you show up in the world.

Our Program is for you if…..

  • You are ready to take action in your life!
  • You are open minded and want to learn!
  • You can be held accountable for your actions!
  • You are in search of a new way of looking at your world!

I’m Sarah Tricker

When I first became a healer it was a challenge to pivot myself to potential clients. As my learning and new sacred offerings grew it seemingly became harder to niche. There were so many other readers, mediums, and Reiki masters it was almost impossible to stand out. Late in 2017 I went on a three day retreat for women soulpreneurs. I had received a scholarship from the Certified Coaching Federation so that I could attend the compete series of the retreat. I had much in common with the lead facilitator and the only difference was that she was a life coach.

I was still quite young in my business journey yet the life coaching really spoke to me. When I arrived home from the retreat I discovered that the Certified Coaching Federation, yes the same one I had received the scholarship from, had a two day workshop scheduled in Calgary in only a few weeks. I borrowed the money from family and went. This is one of the pivotal moments in my business!

After I returned from the course I had found the missing piece! It was like the overarching theme of my work. In fact, I think I was already coaching people. After all, who goes for a tarot reading and leaves with book recommendations! From this point forward I began to create my coaching programs all weaved with the modalities that I already used.

As an educator, I soon realized that I was using all my university courses on sociology and psychology to fill the gaps in the course I took. After coaching many clients I have learnt a lot about myself, what I offer, and the coaching process. One thing is for sure, if you are a Womban Healer Energized in Business a normal coaching program leaves some significant holes in the process.

It wouldn’t surprise me that you are a lot like me. That you have been brought here to this space in time for a reason. That you too are missing the piece that brings all of you together. Yet, you don’t want to go the normal route. You are looking for a deeper learning into the world of spiritual healing and life coaching. Trust that you have been brought here as we are soul contracts!





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Essential Package

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Essential Package


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Mediumship, Reiki, & Tarot Academies (50% discount)


VIP Package


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Mediumship, Reiki, & Tarot Academies (50% discount)


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Frequently Asked Questions.....

What students are saying about Self-Actualization Evolution....

Jen Wagner

“I have completed the Life Coaching Practitioner Program, Self-Actualization Evolution. My biggest lesson was learning to know myself, why I am the way I am, what I want, and how to reach my goals. When I first met Sarah, I had terrible migraines and for 4 years, they are at bay using the tools was taught. Using the tools is the key! I now see myself as the one who has the power to make things happen, or not happen, for myself, now and in the future. My sister recommended Sarah to me for healing, due to my migraines.

My current career I am an educator in a leadership position. I have 25 years of education experience. The Certified Life Coaching Program supports me in creating a unified team of teachers, building relationships with parents and students. It will assist my skills in assessing the climate of our school. I have experienced a lot with Sarah and have come to see her as a mentor, teacher, colleague, and friend! Sarah is knowledgeable and not afraid to share her skills through her programs. She is helpful, caring, guiding, as well as real, that’s what I love about her. The coaching course allowed me to dig deeper into the areas I needed support. Then I worked on those areas in my sessions.

There are numerous reasons I would recommend the Certified Coaching Program. You will learn about how individuals think and feel and how that plays out in relationships. I personally was also able to create self-awareness paths to help shift my mindset. Being able to access materials online was great, with the opportunity if needed, to be in person. My previous skills learned with Sarah helped me as a life coach. I would recommend Sarah as she offers a wide variety of services for self-growth and healing. I have completed all 4 Reiki programs (I, II, III, Masters), Mediumship, & Life Coaching. An individual can also learn to utilize their skills as a business with Sarah’s guidance.

I am planning on becoming a Life Coach and am using these skills daily already. I am in the process of making plans for utilizing my skills learned from Sarah Tricker Alchemy in my business.

Taking a year of life coaching prior to the certification class gave me an example to follow. This course has given me all the tools to use to become a full time life coach. Topics I enjoyed were the female and male brain as these have made the biggest impact on how I approach men and women in my personal life and in my career. Before this course I did not fully understand the impact of approaching people with a one fits all approach. ”

Karen Three Persons

“My biggest lesson in taking the Life Coaching Program, Self-Actualization Evolution, from Sarah Tricker Academy is the realization that “I” can change the path of my life journey. I can overcome the barriers in my life that are not helping me to move forward. This is a process & it takes consistency to get through changing for the betterment of our life journey.

My future vision has changed considerably, I set goals in my life this helps me to be in control of my life. Instead of just letting my days blend into one another. The lessons that I have learned greatly help me in my life & has helped to know that my upbringing has a lot to do with how I live my life. I still have days where I just need some time to process “what’s going on in my life” I need quiet time then or I just need to rest. I don’t stay long in this place, but it sure helps to process any issues I may be facing. This course has helped me in my career as a nurse in my interacting with difficult clientele & co-workers, to be more open with how their actions are related to their life.

I was at a major crossroads in my life in the years 2013-2015 & I had some decisions that needed to be made in my life. These decisions would have been life changing for me. I was searching for a healing modality at the time I first came across Sarah Alchemy. I started with Reiki course from Sarah, everything just fell into place. I was open to taking more classes from Sarah & I have.

As a mentor Sarah gives individual unbiased advice. Her advice is easy to process & follow. Sarah is open to any questions you may have & her explanations are based on you as a individual. As a mentor Sarah will pose questions to you to help guide you through your issue or situation. The life coaching program can be used as a business or just to help you in your life, with your family & with your career.

This Coaching Program curriculum starts with defining life coaching & some history of life coaching. Sarah covered the human brain in how we learn in the different areas of our life; as well as the female & male brain. Other parts of the curriculum includes early development & paradigms, theories of development, learning (female & male brain), society (class), space (land), unconscious bias, race & identity. The program concluded with a portion of how to start a life coaching business.

The reason that I have chosen Sarah’s Alchemy Academy for Life Coaching Certificate Program & other courses from her. Include her set standards for taking her course & being dedicated to completing them. Her courses are a personal investment for yourself & have been a great asset for myself in my life journey. ”

Sandra Lamouche

“Through the Life Coaching Practitioner course, Self-Actualization Evolution, the biggest lesson I learned was the importance of the messages we receive and need at different stages of life and how they influence so much of our life growing up.

My vision for the future changed as now I feel more confident offering one on one support to others, I am excited to start to create my own templates and include other skills in life coaching.

I chose Sarah Tricker Alchemy because of the great service and I love that it includes the spiritual component of life coaching, rather than an individualistic, competitive and materialistic focus like many other life coaching programs appear to promote. I prefer a balanced perspective.

My experience with Sarah as a mentor helped me to grow and gain skills and confidence in many areas in my life, to the point where now, I am outgrowing the places I was trying to fit into at one point.

I would recommend Sarah and this program, yes, definitely recommend Sarah Tricker for any service. Reiki and Tarot are my favorite, and of course, life coaching. I still use many tools gained from life coaching sessions and reiki courses.

Megan Yuill

“I completed the Certified life coaching, Self-Actualization Evolution, with Sarah Tricker. My biggest lesson was the life coaching process. I now feel more confident to help people with the more knowledge that I learnt in this course.

I chose Sarah Tricker Alchemy because she was my life coach and it helped change my way of thinking, therefore my life.

My experience with Sarah as a mentor was awesome, she has the best ideas, and reminds me I can do the impossible.

I would recommend Sarah because of the impact it had in my life, I hope others to benefit from being a part of any program Sarah does.

Elsie Matheson

“I completed the life coaching program, Self-Actualization Evolution. My biggest lesson was how to communicate with patience and understanding others point of view.

My vision is still to help others with their own journeys and experiences. Helping them find ways to heal their wounds, so they can move forward with their spiritual journey, giving them a safe place to share.

Sarah has many different programs too offer, she always make courses fun and exciting and provides a safe place to share with no judgment. When I met Sarah, my life was turned upside down, I was so lost I walked around in a fog. I was very angry, but with Sarah's guidance and patience, I started to heal and began to pick up the pieces of my life. I began to see my new path. I am very excited about my future, and putting the knowledge I have learned in to action.

I would recommend this program and Sarah Tricker Alchemy as I found this program helpful in my everyday life and how to communicate with confidence and understanding.