Nourished Pregnancy Yoga


You are embarking on the sacred passage of pregnancy, learning to navigate the fast pace changes within your body!

Is it possible to create a harmonious experience as you navigate these deep waters of change?

Pregnancy often brings many well-wishers insights and opinions, and you are finding it hard to trust your intuition. It is time to trust your deep wisdom, accepting the things you cannot control, allowing your pregnancy to unfold as it is destined to be!


It is time to trust that the universe has your back!

There is no other explanation for you being here today other than fate!

  • You are searching for inner knowing
  • You want to create a conscious pregnancy
  • You are experiencing pain or stiffness in your body
  • You are seeking a guide to help you carve a clear path
  • You are looking for empowerment for labour and birth
  • You desire a harmonious balance within your changing body
  • You are longing for deep connection between you & your baby

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

You can connect with the wisdom deep within you trusting your intuition!

Sacred Birth Keeper

The sacred journey from maiden into mother has been stripped away in our western culture. Womban walk through a rite of passage that begins in the preconception journey. Once she has done the work needed the next rite of passage begins ~ pregnancy! In our medicalized world many women experience pregnancy only as a physiological journey. However, there is a preparation that is occurring. Women are being asked to shed parts of themselves that will no longer serve them as a mother. In pregnancy she is cocooned and will spread her wings as mother after birth.

Sarah has walked her own path from maiden into motherhood, now into the keeper of grandchildren. Her journey included two baby loses, one of which almost took her life. Everything Sarah has done in her life has brought her to this path as a sacred birth keeper, to guide women through these sacred rites of passage in our modern world.


Nourished Pregnancy Yoga

This invitation if you choose to accept….

Connect to your inner knowing! Through the five pillars of pregnancy; receive the gift of empowering yourself towards harmonious balance, strength, and intuition.

Through Nourished Pregnancy Yoga you will truly align the mind and body.

You’ll learn;

  • Connect deeply with your unborn baby!
  • Bring balance to your physical and energetic body!
  • Be able to bring harmony to the journey of pregnancy, labour, and birth!

What’s included in Nourished Pregnancy Yoga…..

Five Pillars of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a spiritual evolution. Each week we will focus on one of the five pillars; physical self, emotional self, mental self, spiritual self, and the energetic self. Connecting mind, body, and soul of baby and mother to be.


Prenatal Yoga takes into consideration the changing body of the pregnant mother. Each week you will be guided through a gentle practice to ease the transition through trimesters creating strength and stability.

Breath & Meditation

Using Yoga Nidra and breath you will be able to drop into your body and trust your intuition. With the techniques learnt you will be able to take these on your birthing journey.

Labour & Birth Preparation

As a birth doula, Sarah will also teach you birthing positions. As well as other insightful tips surrounding pregnancy, labour, and birth. Being empowered brings balance and peace in the unknown.


Pregnancy, labour, and birth can seem like a lonely time. Join a community of women who are walking the same path as you. Sharing, in a safe space, growing together with guidance form Sarah.

Nourished Pregnancy Yoga is for you if…..

  • You are open minded and want to learn!
  • You truly want to align your mind, body, & baby!
  • You are committed to embracing your sacred journey!
  • You are in search of your tribe for nourishment & community!

I’m Sarah Tricker

In 2023 my path took an unexpected change. It began with a curiosity with Spirit Baby Communication. Within a few months I was registered on three courses that all started at the same time! Spirit Baby Communication, Birth Doula, and Yoga Nidra. There was something missing! When I did my 200hr Yoga training I felt the same. Pre and postnatal Yoga knowledge. The sacred journey through pregnancy, labour, and birth see’s so many changes in the female body. I wanted to learn more to be able to support my families.

It really does make me smile when I see the puzzle pieces fit together on my own path. The training I found for pre and postnatal Yoga, the teacher used to be a doula! Of course she did! The training was a perfect fit into all the learning I was currently doing. This in depth training gave me the tools to confidently teach pre and postpartum Yoga. There is so much more depth into what I will bring as a sacred birth keeper.





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Nourished Pregnancy Yoga


6 Week Series (Limited 8 Yogi's)

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May 9th, 16th, 23rd

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