Mediumship Academy


Embracing your connection with spirit will change your life experience forever!

We were all born with the ability to connect with our guides! Yet, through cultural, social, and at times religious beliefs, most children learn not to talk about the messages they receive. Eventually, most people block their connection altogether!

In this new century our world has begun to shift in ways which no one could have predicted! A spiritual awakening has begun where souls are in search of the long lost ancient wisdom that is available for them.


What is always true, when you are ready to connect with spirit, they will guide right to the place you are supposed to be!

Trust that your guides have brought you and Sarah Tricker together to share a journey in the Mediumship Academy;

    • You will never want to be without your guides!
    • You will be able to trust your own interpretation 100%
    • You will, with each module, embark on your own enlightenment!
    • You will have confidence to guide others through your spirit guide!
    • You will be able to connect with spirit in ways you never dreamed possible!

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

With the Mediumship Academy you can really connect with your spirit guides with confidence!


Through Mediumship Academy you could…..

  • Ground and protect your energy
  • Meet your guide and learn how to communicate
  • Understand dimensions, realms, & levels of consciousness
  • Learn tools for any situation surrounding entities & spirit
  • Be confident in Astral Travel & using the Akashik Records

Mediumship Academy


This invitation if you choose to accept.....

Bridge the gap between the earth plane and the spirit world! Understand the messages given by your guides, see the wealth of knowledge available to you, and decipher your soul’s wisdom.

Through Mediumship Academy you will transform who you are and how you show up to your life.

You’ll learn:

  • Phase #1 ~ creating boundaries working with your spirit guide
  • Phase #2 ~ understand levels, realms, and dimensions
  • Phase #3 ~ tools for dealing with entities, attachments, & spirits
  • Phase #4 ~ using Akashik Records and Astral Plane

There is no longer any reason to fear your ability to connect with spirit. Instead welcome the journey and all that comes along with it.

What’s included in our Academies.....


Lifetime Access

This invitation if you chose to accept…

You will receive a lifetime access to the Mediumship Academy. Lifetime access is granted for the duration of Sarah Tricker Alchemy and Sarah Tricker Alchemy Academy operation. Meaning that you will be able to go back to the modules, videos, and meditations at any point in your life path. As Sarah Tricker Alchemy Academies grow you will have connection to more and more like minded individuals.

Robust Content

This invitation if you chose to accept…

The Mediumship Academy is a robust course designed to teach you all the skills needed to fully integrate Mediumship into your life. Everything you need for successful completion of this course is provided for you within the course. This includes videos, PDF printable, content, meditations, and the ability to complete questions within the course. For those who still enjoy pen to paper you may purchase a nice journal and write your journey.

Live Monthly Circles

This invitation if you chose to accept…

The Mediumship Academy includes connection to your instructor Sarah through the live Enlightenment Circles. Once a month you will have the ability to join Sarah and your fellow students. It is a space to come as your experience unfolds. Here you will practice the hands on aspect of the content you are acquiring through each module. Plus, you can connect with others walking the same path.

Our Academy is for you if…..

  • You are open minded and want to learn!
  • You are ready to accept guidance in your life!
  • You can be held accountable for your actions!
  • You are in search of a new way of looking at your world!

I’m Sarah Tricker

The gift has always been a part of me. Although, when I was a child it scared me greatly. Spirits especially would come to me during the night. I didn’t really understand what this was at the time. So much so, that I actually completely shut my gift off. My mother tells me I was around the age of five.

I truly believe that this happens for a reason. As humans we have to live a little and get some life experience to really understand our gift. There are so many things that I did from that moment as a young child to when I was ready to fully embrace my gift. Really discovering who I was, getting married, growing my family, loss, moving to Canada, getting my education degree, and starting my own business. Every single one of these life events have determined how I connect with my guide.

After I had left my high school teaching position is when my mediumship skills really came to the fore. I believe I had to heal from the experience of being placed into such a tight box. The structure was literally killing my soul. However, as I delved more into my own business it became clear it was time to open and accept that I was a medium.

My mother did her formal training in England. In 2017 she took me, alongside a group of other ladies, through the mediumship circle training. I learnt so much about my spirit guide, my gift, and spirit world. Yet, when I left the training there were so many more questions. It was this journey of discovery that led me to create the Mediumship Academy. Walk this proven path with me and you will undoubtedly connect with your guides!





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What students are saying about Mediumship Academy....

Katie Barcus-Kuka 

“The biggest lesson I learned was that I needed to trust myself and my gift. I initially thought it was something that needed to be really hard, but through Sarah's guidance I learned that it was actually easy to communicate with my guides.

My vision for the future is much different now. I know that my spirituality will always be a part of my life going forward and I will continue to learn and grow in this way. I may eventually want to share my abilities with others as well.

I chose Sarah Tricker Alchemy Academy because a friend of mine has been working with Sarah for many years and highly recommended her. I was fortunate to meet Sarah in person and felt an instant connection. From then on I couldn't wait to work with her! I was so excited to learn that she was taking her business online so that I could join her classes no matter what the circumstances that may have prevented me from attending her classes in person. I initially wondered if the technology would interfere with my experience, but I actually think it was better! I live a very busy life and travel often and was able to attend class no matter where I was. Sarah is an awesome mentor. She is very personable which provides a great atmosphere for learning and exploring. I never felt pressured to be at a spot in my journey that I was not ready for yet. Sarah pushed me just hard enough to make me grow but not so much that I was uncomfortable. The best part was when it all came together and Sarah was there to celebrate with me!

I highly recommend the Mediumship Academy if you're interested in learning more about your spiritual gifts. I came into class wondering if I even had the ability to access spirit and finished the class 100% sure that, not only can I access spirit, but that I can use the practices Sarah taught me to enrich my life every day! This class is a great way to get started whether you want to grow for yourself or even use your gifts to start a business and help others.”

Dawn Yueng

“My biggest lesson through the Mediumship Academy would be the trust myself with the unknown and I feel more comfortable with my gifts and how to apply them to others who need help. Sarah is an easy person to open up too. She makes lessons effortless.... and there’s no stupid questions. The knowledge she has is plentiful and she explains it at a level everyone can understand. So the knowledge you received, comes to you in a clear manner. As I said Sarah makes it fun and she knows if you are not getting it, she will explain in another way to help you to see it clearer before she moves to the next.”

Cindy Barcus

“The Mediumship Academy reinforced things that I already knew and opened my life to all of the possibilities. Sarah is an amazing human being. She is very knowledgeable in her craft. She is funny, warm and caring. I always felt safe with Sarah. She made the lessons interesting. I liked everything! If you are truly interested in learning about yourself and your gifts Sarah is the teacher for you.”