Inner Wisdom Exploration


The wisdom you are seeking in life already lies within you! Once you explore this you’ll forever trust your own intuition!All you have to do is look!

You can live your life fully, without ever having to ask others, to help guide you in your own life decisions!

Our whole society is based on external gratification. We have been led to believe that to look for answers deep within is crazy! What if you were told, the answers had been within you the whole time!

Nothing will be left to chance again, as you become skilled at dropping from the head to the heart, trusting yourself!

Join the Inner Wisdom group coaching program to;

  • Live a life of peace and serenity
  • Break the patterns that had been repeated
  • Gain clarity of which path to take in your life
  • Gain confidence to do what feels right for you
  • Approach your life with out of the box solutions

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

With the Inner Wisdom group coaching program you can really have what you want instead of accepting what comes your way!


In The Next 90 Days, You Could…

  • Be your authentic self
  • Live your new life story
  • Discovered your life purpose
  • Created instruments of resilience
  • Found support from like-minded people

It is time to truly find your authentic self and to forge the life that you came here to live!


Inner Wisdom Exploration


This invitation if you choose to accept.....

Discover how to create your new story by; removing all limiting beliefs, think and dream big, trusting your intuition knowing that you hold all the answers inside!

Through the Inner Wisdom Exploration group coaching program you will create a clarity and purpose like never before! 

You’ll learn:

  • How to bring balance in your life
  • Create a new life story where you can dream big
  • Shift blocks that have held you back for a lifetime

With your commitment and implementation of this proven system completed by many, you will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!

What’s included in the program…

The Wellness Wheel

Phase One: Six steps to clarity! Moving through each section of the wellness wheel creating a picture of what your dream life would look like. In the process shifting the blocks that had clouded your success.

Path and Programming

Phase Two: Taking a look at your life as a whole brings epiphanies into patterns you have never seen before. This process allows you to clear and release patterns programmed into you passed down generationally.


Phase Three: With complete clarity healing the blocks that have held you back. Using which ever tool is need from Sarah Tricker Alchemy's sacred offerings to clear the path ahead.


Phase four: It is now time to create your new story! Using everything you have learned throughout your journey this is the finale of you being able to live your authentic life.

This program is for you if…

  • You are ready to take action in your life!
  • You are open minded and want to learn!
  • You can be held accountable for your actions!
  • You are in search of your tribe for collaboration in your journey!

I’m Sarah Tricker

The journey to becoming a spiritual life coach is interlinked with my family gift and my careers. It is quite obvious that as a healer a career as a life coach makes sense. Let me give you some background on how I got here. 

My career actually started as a high school social studies teacher. I went into education with the impression that I was going to make a difference into a student’s life. Now don’t get me wrong, I would like to hope I did do that, however after I started the system is what got me. I often laugh that I have never been one to fit into a box yet chose a career where I was expected to fit into a very small box! It wasn’t long before I realized this was not the career I was supposed to be in.

Well, most of you know that I left teaching to focus on my healing business. I went from Tarot reader, Medium, and Reiki Master to life coach. I had spent three to four years as a healer before embarking on my coaching. For me coaching was the missing key to my business. I was struggling to find a way to stand out amongst the plethora of readers and healers. Gaining my life coaching certification did this for me.

I have been coaching since 2018 creating a proven process. One thing I have found is that I take my clients deep in their healing process. It may be known that I am definitely not like other coaches. How? I do not focus on the goals. I truly believe you have to align mind, body, and soul before you can unlock success in your life. More times than not people’s outlook completely changes as they walk this path with me!


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Frequently Asked Questions.....

What clients are saying about Inner Wisdom Exploration....

Ashely Thistlewaite

"Self-growth. I did not fully understand what it meant until I experienced it!

  • Breaking generational ideals/habits
  • Healing from trauma that no one ever apologized for
  • Learning from triggers and why they are there
  • Taking full responsibility for your actions and reactions
  • Choosing not to let ego take over emotions and decisions
  • Choosing not to let my emotions run my day
  • Choosing to be a good person (lift others up)
  • Most importantly when it comes to the big wide world, ITS NOT ABOUT ME.

I didn’t do this on my own, or through a therapist or councilor, but through life coaching.

Instead of having someone listening and asking “how do you feel about that” Life Coaching gives you the tools to figure out why things trigger and what I can do to change my attitude about it. Because sometimes the problem isn’t the problem it’s your attitude about the problem. (Taking responsibility).

Yes healing does take time, you also need to push yourself and take action so that you don’t sit in sorrow.

Sarah Tricker Alchemy helped me with that and gave me the tools I needed to change my life for myself.

I had a fair bit of hurt and anger from the past, making life moving forward feeling like a rollercoaster of emotions and getting triggered easily. Spiritually, I felt foggy and my anxiety was starting to take over because I couldn't clearly read my gut feelings. Once I started life coaching with Sarah, that all changed.

It was not easy either. There were times I didn't understand why I was so angry or stuck on things and we had to come back after given some self-reflecting homework. Understanding myself right down to my triggers and subconscious is a key tool for myself to have more consistent level headed days of emotion and being able to solve problems internally. It has improved my everyday mood to being more positive and happy because even if a problem arises; I now have the tools to work through it.

Thank you Sarah for everything you do. There were days I wanted to be mad at you because I didn't know where to direct my anger from my problems, and you kept on me, gave me the tools I needed and helped me though!"

Crystal Good Ryder

“1.) It helped me see where I need work in the four areas - Emotional, Mental, Physical, & Spiritual. I realize that I do quite well in three areas and need to quiet 🤫 my thoughts to help myself balance out. I am thankful I had the opportunity to see that through the work we did. I am hoping that as I continue on my life journey I can find ways to stay positive in my thoughts so that I protect myself from saying negative things. The world around me is a beautiful place and focusing on it with gratitude can be a positive approach.

2.) This life coach series helped me let go of unnecessary baggage I carried from past relationships; and in turn, it allowed me to experience a new sort of love 💕. I’ve realized my potential and what I deserve in life. It’s been a really great experience in this realm. Since my separation two years ago I’ve done EMDR & Life Coaching so that I can better myself. Attracting better people into my life that are good for me.

3.) I am more confident to step away from situations that don’t serve me. In the past years I’ve been in tough situations with institutional racism, and lateral violence that I began to question my own humanity. Going through years of education I was beginning to mentally feel discouraged and let down about life. What I really liked about your approach is you were able to heal me from past wounds. I got so much from this piece of work. I spent a whole day clearing out my garbage in this area and really understood how it affected my life.

4.) Physically I just need to make time for my fitness. I’ve set small goals now and I’m hoping that I can get active for me. It’s something on my vision board I aspire to be. What life coaching has made me realize is I need to be balanced in the four areas so I’ve been thinking about yoga. I’m looking for something that piques my interest where I can get into routine. I also am signed up for the coulee cactus run. I’m excited about this and getting a new dress together for pow wow season."


“There were soooo many lessons that I have learned about myself through participating in Spiritual Empowerment Coaching. I've transformed so many aspects of my life by working through this program with Sarah. When I started this process, I was pretty well convinced that ending my 10 year marriage was the only way I was going to be able to move forward and be happy in life. I had hesitations because I really do love my husband and did not want to break up our family, but felt that there were aspects of my husband's chosen lifestyle that I couldn't move past and that he and his choices were ultimately going to prevent me from achieving the life that I want to create. Fast forward 9 months later and not only am I still married and more in love with my husband than ever before (spoiler alert.. He hasn't changed, I DID!!), our marriage is stronger than it's ever been and I no longer feel the need to leave him behind to accomplish my dreams. I've worked with Sarah for a few years now and had completed Mediumship training, Tarot reading and Reiki training when Sarah approached me about joining the Inner Wisdom Exploration Coaching program. It was a six month commitment and I really had no idea of what I was getting myself in to, but it was the best decision I ever made for myself and my family's futures. Sarah is great to work with. She was able to guide me through this journey but gave me space to grow and evolve as I needed to. Inner Wisdom Exploration coaching is really about YOU doing the work to get YOU to where you want to be in life. It's definitely one of those situations where you get out of it what you put in to it. If you're not willing or able to do the work, you'll get surface results; but if you really want to change your life and experience the kind of growth that I have, you HAVE TO be willing to get in to the uncomfortable places in your own life and figure it out. Sarah is great at asking questions that get you to go down those rabbit holes and she provides an accepting environment that allows you to feel comfortable in her presence while you work these things out. As a result of all of my learning with Sarah, I now consider her a friend and will continue to work with her for years to come. If you're struggling in an area(s) of your life, but feel like there is something that is keeping you tied to that situation, I highly recommend going on this self-discovery journey with Sarah! It is enlightening to say the least and you'll definitely know yourself better on the other side. It wasn't always easy for me to accept what was revealed to me, but I am a better best friend to myself, a better mother to my children, and a better wife to my husband because of this experience! Do the work and it will change your life!”

Jen Wagner

“When I found Sarah Tricker I was needing some healing after my husband had a stroke. I received my first healing, which led to Reiki trainings to obtain my Reiki Master certificate, life coaching, and spiritual coaching to obtain my mediumship certificate. I was introduced to chakras, and crystals, which I began to use daily for the health benefits.

My outlook on life has improved, I am able to manifest good health and happiness. Having Sarah as a main support through my journey has been wonderful! I have been able to find confidence in myself I lost or forgot I had!

Her flexible teaching methods and classes have been so helpful, as I live in the United States, 2 hours away.

I recommend Sarah Tricker Alchemy if you are needing to get in touch with yourself or any family member to help you to a positive journey in life.”

Sandra Lamouche

“I have worked with Sarah for two years in her Life Coaching program. When I first met Sarah I was at a low point in my life- feeling stuck, unhappy, low self-esteem and anxious about life. Through this program I have gained many skills and changed many unhealthy habits- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I am now living a life of abundance, gratitude and am much happier. When counselling didn’t seem to help, Sarah was able to provide guidance. When doctors were not able to diagnose stomach issues, Sarah was able to use Reiki to heal them. Some of the achievements over the past few years include winning hoop dance contests, a work promotion, receiving an award for leadership in education, and speaking at Yale University, without the guidance and tools gained through life coaching I don’t know if I could have done all of this!”

Doreen Braaten

“My biggest lesson was to drop down from head and listen to my heart . Game changer! I am more confident and kind to myself ,this makes feel I can do anything if I really want too. I meet Sarah through toast masters and I loved her drive and energy and this really drew me to work with her. She was so easy to talk too, she really listens and I felt safe sharing with her. Sarah always made me feel special and heard. She not only helped me look at things differently, she also encouraged it in such a way it was easy. I would recommend Sarah and the Inner Widsom Coaching program, she was most helpful in changing the things I wanted too and see that some things I don’t need to change, instead I needed to embrace!”

Wendall Three Persons

“It's hard to pick one biggest lesson as it was all that we worked on. At one point we both closed our eyes and I actually went into a different dimension, this has stuck with me the most. Well, my future has changed, it’s slowly going as planned not trying to rush my self and do it properly! I choose Sarah, as my Wife told me a lot of good things about Sarah Tricker Alchemy! I also had a lot of good experiences with Sarah through out my visits. Everything is all falling into place of what we worked on. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who needs the guidance and help, she’s good at all she does for people!”