Baby & Me Yoga


You are navigating the new you! The birthing experience has changed you as a person as well as your body.

There are many societal pressures on new mothers, sometimes you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t!

The fourth trimester is a sacred time for mother and baby to bond. Tending to your body with love and kindness as it recuperates from birth. The journey of getting to know this new body is deep, yet you may feel so alone!


It is time to trust that the universe has your back!

There is no other explanation for you being here today other than fate!

  • You are searching for inner knowing
  • You want to connect with your new body
  • You are eager to meet likeminded people
  • You are seeking a guide to help you carve a clear path
  • You are looking for empowerment for postpartum journey
  • You desire a harmonious balance within your changing body
  • You are longing for deep connection between you & your baby

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

You can connect with the wisdom deep within you trusting your intuition!

Sacred Birth Keeper

When we look at the history of birth in all cultures western women have a very different experience today. Much of this has been through the patriarch, medicalization of birth, and also in part modern feminism. In today’s world western women are expected to do it all; be a boss bitch, run a perfect home, have a perfect body, perfect children, and….. The list is endless. In the face of modern feminism what has actually occurred is women have taken on more roles than ever before.

Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum was a women’s space. This was not because men aren’t capable, it was because women knew. They knew how to pass on their experience. Grandmothers, aunties, sisters, and female friends would look after a women at all stages. This is why women stayed close to their mothers. Postpartum was a sacred time where the new mother would only rest and bond with baby for the first 40 days. Her family would tend to older children, household chores, and meal preparation. How we tend to our bodies in postpartum will determine the health of the rest of our life.

What if you were to see your body for the amazing work it has just completed? The womb is the only organ in the human body that can grow a totally new organ, the placenta. That you r body grew another human being. Through the birthing journey that human came to life. The extra weight that you may have is your bodies way to be able to nourish not only your baby, you also! What if you were to let go of unrealistic expectations of having your 20 year old body six weeks after birth and instead allowed the healing to take place? This time you are being called to slow down and tend your body and bond with your baby.


Baby & Me Yoga

This invitation if you choose to accept….

Learn to love the new you! Through the five pillars of postpartum; bring balance and strength to your new body, creating a bond with baby through movement.

Through Nourished Pregnancy Yoga you will truly align the mind and body.

You’ll learn;

  • Connect deeply with your new baby!
  • Bring balance to your physical and energetic body!
  • Be able to bring harmony to the journey of the fourth trimester!

What’s included in Baby & Me Yoga…..

Five Pillars of Postpartum

Postpartum is a spiritual evolution. Each week we will focus on one of the five pillars; physical self, emotional self, mental self, spiritual self, and the energetic self. Connecting mind, body, and the mother you are becoming.


Postnatal Yoga focusses on strengthening the physical body. The body has been through many changes physically and hormonally in pregnancy and birth. Through gentle movement we begin to reestablish stability whilst learning your new body.

Baby & Me

In the Baby & Me Yoga you will learn that your baby can be a part of your yoga journey. There is space to bond with baby through movement, seed sounds, and massage. You are welcome to bring older siblings, feed and tend to your babies needs. Just as baby decided on their birth, they also influence how our sessions unfold each week.

Postpartum Transition

As a postpartum doula, Sarah will also weave in some techniques to help you fully transition into motherhood. A safe space to share the celebrations and at times hardships with loving tips to guide you.


The postpartum time can all of a sudden get very lonely. Your family members get back to their life, your partner is back to work, and you find the only conversation you have each day is with your baby. Come together with other women who are walking the same path for support and friendship.

Nourished Pregnancy Yoga is for you if…..

  • You are open minded and want to learn!
  • You truly want to align your mind, body, & baby!
  • You are committed to embracing your sacred journey!
  • You are in search of your tribe for nourishment & community!

I’m Sarah Tricker

In 2023 my path took an unexpected change. It began with a curiosity with Spirit Baby Communication. Within a few months I was registered on three courses that all started at the same time! Spirit Baby Communication, Birth Doula, and Yoga Nidra. There was something missing! When I did my 200hr Yoga training I felt the same. Pre and postnatal Yoga knowledge. The sacred journey through pregnancy, labour, and birth see’s so many changes in the female body. I wanted to learn more to be able to support my families.

It really does make me smile when I see the puzzle pieces fit together on my own path. The training I found for pre and postnatal Yoga, the teacher used to be a doula! Of course she did! The training was a perfect fit into all the learning I was currently doing. This in depth training gave me the tools to confidently teach pre and postpartum Yoga. There is so much more depth into what I will bring as a sacred birth keeper.

What is really important to me in the postpartum Yoga is showing women the sacredness in their new body. Unfortunately, in western culture so many women are hyper focused on losing their baby weight and fitting into their pre-pregnancy clothing. When the fourth trimester is a time that you should be allowing space for the body to heal. Most women don’t know that it takes one full year after breastfeeding is finished for the body to be fully healed and back to its pre-pregnancy state. When the body is in recovery it needs to be nourished not starved. The body needs to gain strength and stability before boot camps and fitness classes. For the women who are drawn to my Baby & Me Yoga sessions will be supported through this sacred time so as they continue on their journey they will have created a solid foundation for their future body.





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Baby & Me Yoga


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