Akashik Rewriting


Everything that was, everything that is, everything that will be is recorded within the Akashik records.

Learn about your own personal record and use the knowledge to shift your trauma with accelerated healing.

Looking back at your life you can see this underlying pattern. No matter where you are or what you do it always raises its head. It is time to heal the past with the knowledge of the present.

It is time to trust that the universe has your back!

There is no other explanation for you being here today other than fate!

  • Experience the removal of old patterns
  • Experience holistic & intuitive healing
  • Experience healing at the deepest level
  • Experience both emotional & spiritual healing
  • Experience the healing of the body as the spirit heals

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Abundance, health, and success is your birthright!

After an Akashik Rewriting you could…

  • Confidently create success
  • Recognize who you are at a soul level
  • Fully understand the patterns of your life
  • Take control of your reaction to life events

It is time to take advantage of the period we live in using the resources available to elevate your soul’s journey.


Akashik Rewriting


This invitation if you choose to accept.....

Shift the trauma of your soul through discovery and healing of past lives engaging the Akashik records.

Through the Akashik Rewriting sessions you will be able to discover your soul’s journey.

You’ll learn;

  • How we are not separate from our soul and life purpose
  • The patterns that you are supposed to heal to create success
  • About a past life or lives that have caused you the most harm in your current life

With an open mind and willingness to be honest, you will be able to shift the patterns that have held you back.

What’s included in the program…

Past life Regression

In the first session Sarah will create a sacred space steeped in ritual. You will then be taken on a journey to a past life or lives. Sarah uses the Akashik records and the Tarot. The use of the cards gives you something tangible to connect with in your session. You will discover both the positive and negative aspects of this life.

Period of Reflection

There is a period of healing after your visit to the Akashik records. For some this can be a very emotional experience for you have been connected back to your soul. There is a period given for you to take to connect the pieces together. At least one week. Journal how your past life and this are so intricately linked.

Akashik Rewriting

Your final session is used to heal on all levels. Discussions to your connections to the past life regression will prepare you for a guided meditation into the Akashik records. As High Priestess you are safe as all work is done within a circle of light. You will experience the power of rewriting your past to heal your future.

The Akashik Rewriting is for you if…

  • You are in search of a trusted guide
  • You are ready to break the patterns of the past
  • You are willing to the work that is asked of you
  • You are open minded to the lessons of your soul

I’m Sarah Tricker

It is true if you speak to most healers they have been on their own healing journey. We actually believe this is very important, as you gain all the knowledge that often we have taken years to gather. Imagine not having to go through all those lessons yourself, instead being given the tools to finish your own journey in half the time.

When you work with me this is what you receive! I have been on many healing journeys throughout my life. When I was a teenager I contracted Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) which debilitated me for a year with the recovery period being even longer. It is true that I missed some of the most formative years of high school. However, with the support of my family I fully recovered and passed all of my G.C.S.E’s ready to start my life.

Whilst in college I fell pregnant with my first child at the age of only 18! Moreover, I had given birth to my second child just before my 21st birthday, needless to say I didn’t celebrate as all my friends were at that time! My husband and I were obviously young parents. We at times struggled to be the best parents we could, when in reality, we were still growing ourselves. When my children were still very young I experienced an ectopic pregnancy, which if I had not been in hospital when the fallopian tube ruptured, it would have taken my life. On top of this trauma we experienced another miscarriage only a few years later. Losing pregnancies is a pain that never leaves you.

One thing is for sure we always strived to expand our worldview. In 2007 our little family packed up our belongings and moved from England to Canada to make a new life. I followed my dream and went to the University of Lethbridge to gain my Education Degree and a degree in Arts & Science. Life changed drastically with this move, as my husband was adjusting to the new expectations of long haul truck driving while I was studying. It was a tough time for the whole family.

All alongside our life tribulations together we have worked through the toughest ~ addiction! I am a recovering codependent and my husband is a recovering alcoholic. The journey has not always been easy however, all through our healing journey they have fought to stay together!

Only a few years into my teaching career I knew it was not my life’s purpose. In 2016 I made the bold decision to become an entrepreneur. Ironically, my hubby also made a huge career change the same year, leaving trucking to go into sales. Wow, doing these massive shifts in the same year created a lot of financial strain. With perseverance and love we got through.

We are now empty nesters! Our two children, now both adults, have flown the coop and are building their own lives. This left another period of adjusting for both of us. We are constantly learning new ways to live our lives together. With this season in our life we are now focused on building our legacy.

You may be wondering how all of this is relevant to healing work in the Akashik records? All I can say is you might be surprised by what comes up. However, I know that my life experience is part of who I am as a healer and I have the ability to use life experiences as well as spirituality to help you break your own patterns.


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Akashik Rewriting


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What clients are saying about Akashik Rewriting....

Alexi Skretting

“I recently went through the Akashik Rewriting sessions with Sarah and they were really amazing. In the first session she helped me realize a past life which has had impacts on my current one. It was a very detailed reading that definitely hit a on few recurring themes in my present state of affairs. She armed me with a protective satchel to keep me grounded for the week between sessions whilst I came to terms with and pondered on what I had learned. A few things had come in to my life in that time that felt very connected to my first session with Sarah. In my second session we talked about how my life has been going and went through a guided meditation to help release the trauma from my past life so that I may move on freely in this one. It felt like I had released a lot of weight from my soul. I would definitely recommend this process for anyone wanting to start moving on from the negative patterns that manifest in their life. It was very informative and healing. As well, Sarah is just such an amazing person. She's talented and giving and such a delight to be around. Highly recommend any of her other services she provides as well.”

Ashely Thistlewaite

“I recently had a Akashik Rewriting reading and healing session and it was very eye opening. Sarah has the knowledge and provides a quiet and calm space for your past life reading! There were some laughs as per usual but also heartache and tears. Sarah guides you through it all so you’re not facing those emotions alone.”