Accelerated Growth Expansion

You are ready for change within your life! It is time to commit to yourself and your own personal expansion!

The only person who can change how you show up for yourself and those around you, is you!

For too long you have done what others expect of you! Now is your time! Striking whilst the iron is hot is the key to moving from victim of circumstance to the creator of your destiny!


It will be hard to believe the movement you can make when you are decisive and direct in your actions!

Join the Accelerated Growth Expansion coaching program to:

  • Become more decisive in the steps towards your goals
  • Commit fully to your own progress
  • Move away from being a victim of circumstance
  • Take responsibility for your own actions
  • Celebrate the life you have created by design

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

With the Accelerated Growth Expansion coaching program you can really have what you want instead of accepting what comes your way!


This coming year you could ……

  • Create the life you actually dream of

  • Commit to your own personal growth

  • Take every opportunity that arises without fear

  • Trust that you can make a difference in your own life

It is time to take life by the hands and move in ways you never thought was possible!


Accelerated Growth Expansion


This invitation if you choose to accept…

Become the agent of change with commitment to life by; breaking through the fear of the unknown, seizing opportunities that present themselves, and create your life by design.
Through the Accelerated Growth Expansion coaching program you will create change like you have never seen before!
You’ll learn;
  • Create your life by design!
  • Seize opportunities when they arise!
  • Break through the fear of the unknown!
You will be surprised that you’re with your commitment how quickly you will see results you could not have even dreamed of!

What’s included in the program…

Unlimited Coaching Calls

Yes you heard correctly! Unlimited 15 minute coaching calls with Sarah for one whole year! With laser focus we break through your fear so you can seize opportunity as they arise! When you have done what we agreed upon you can book your next call!

Unlimited Email Contact

Yes! Yes! Unlimited! You are having trouble completing your task set by us! Don't fret, you can email Sarah and she will send a personal response! There is no need to sit in your resistance, guidance is always available to you!

Personalized Intention

Every 15 minute call there will be a personalized intention for you to work on before our next meeting that will allow you to break through any fear or blocks preventing you from creating the life you desire.

This program is for you if…

  • You are really ready to commit to you!
  • You are willing to make changes in your life!
  • You are wanting someone to hold you accountable!
  • You are looking for a new way of approaching fear and blocks that hold you back!

I’m Sarah Tricker

Like many people who start on the journey of personal development I have a bookcase full of self-help books. Over time I realized that when we read a book, or for some of you it may be listening to an audio book, we all have good intentions. We put the book down and then after a period of time we end up gently and slowly drifting back to our old ways.

It is interesting as part of my nature I am always shifting and transforming. A Scorpio trait; birth, death, and transformation. I have gone through so many changes in my life and what that has actually done for me has taught me a multitude of ways to build resilience. Everything that I teach my clients I use myself. 

Recently, I was having a conversation with my hubby on the total life shift I had to go through to become an entrepreneur. Nothing could have prepared me for the ebbs and flows that come with total commitment to the pursuit of my life purpose. There have been times of rapid growth and it feels like this is it, and then in a heartbeat total destruction. How do I know to keep going? How do I know when to quit? We never know how far we are away from the pot of gold!

In only a short period of time I have done so much. Being an immigrant in a new country, gaining my education degree, and leaving my teaching career to realize my dream of being of service to others has taught me so many lessons. The one thing that I can tell you is that you don’t have to go it alone! You don’t have to go through the hard lessons. You can allow me to guide you using my experience. On top of being an alternative holistic healer and a fifth generation medium I can help you on levels that you didn’t believe were possible! Honestly, the fact you are here reading this today means the universe has brought you to me!


Accelerated Growth Expansion Investment Pathways



$415 x 3

3X easy monthly instalments

This exclusive one on one coaching is limited to only 8 clients once per year

Onetime Payment


Onetime investment (save 25%)

This exclusive one on one coaching is limited to only 8 clients once per year

Discovery Session


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