$777.00 CAD

Mediumship Academy

Yes, I trust the universe has brought me here so I can learn to connect with spirit with confidence under the guidance of Sarah!

What you'll get:

      Ground and protect your energy
      Meet your guide and learn how to communicate
      Understand dimensions, realms, & levels of consciousness
      Learn tools for any situation surrounding entities & spirit
      Be confident in Astral Travel & using the Akashik Records

What People Are Saying:

The Mediumship Academy reinforced things that I already knew and opened my life to all of the possibilities. Sarah is an amazing human being. She is very knowledgeable in her craft. She is funny, warm and caring. I always felt safe with Sarah. She made the lessons interesting. I liked everything! If you are truly interested in learning about yourself and your gifts Sarah is the teacher for you.

Cindy Barcus

My biggest lesson from the Mediumship Academy would be the trust myself with the unknown and I feel more comfortable with my gifts and how to apply them to others who need help. Sarah is an easy person to open up too. She makes lessons effortless.... and there’s no stupid questions. The knowledge she has is plentiful and she explains it at a level everyone can understand. So the knowledge you received, comes to you in a clear manner. As I said Sarah makes it fun and she knows if you are not getting it, she will explain in another way to help you to see it clearer before she moves to the next.

Dawn Yueng