$2,277.00 CAD


Womban Healers Energized in Business VIP

Yes, I trust the universe has brought me here so I can explore my healing abilities with Sarah and my tribe!

What you'll get:

      Discover your niche as a healer
      Start your own flourishing Healing business
      Have access to a supportive Mothermind Community
      Understand how your personal journey can help others
      Trust your intuition and healing abilities with confidence 

PLUS ~ Full access to the Mediumship, Tricker Tarot, and Reiki Academies!

What People Are Saying:

When I started this course I was at a standstill in my spiritual business and was looking to add to it and give it a boost. Oh boy did I get that and more! Not only did I get great business tips but I also learned more about myself. My biggest lesson I’d say would be life coaching is another piece of my business that I was missing. I will be taking this course in February with Sarah. This year was a big one for me, having the support of the life coaching really made a huge difference. I don’t know how I would have made it through without! I chose Sarah because she is real, she is genuine, fun, and kind. I have done Reiki shares with Sarah in the past and learned something new every time. I would highly recommend Sarah, she’s helped me get to know myself, my patterns and more. She has helped me let go and release all of what was not serving me. I’ll never forget this year and this course!

Megan Yuill

When I started my journey with Sarah for the Women Healers Energized in Business I was in a different frame of mind and spirit. I was emotionally unstable. Someone could say something, maybe jokingly and it would upset me for days. I would take it personally and dwell on it and internalize it. Sarah has taught me how to change that habit, change my mindset and I learnt how to not let others words affect me. I have learnt how to live for today, plan for the future and embrace my past. Not to forget my past but to let go of any past issues and traumas that were still affecting me presently. My biggest lesson I learnt was how to truly love every little thing about myself as a whole: mind, body and soul. And for this I am forever grateful. I chose Sarah because she a wonderful teacher whom can show you things you might not have thought of or to see the other side of something that you did not think about. She does not judge and comes from love. I am blessed to have her as my mentor. Thank you Sarah!

Charis Yasinski