Spiritual Guidance Monthly Membership


Everything you need is embedded in the stars!
All you have to do is look!

There is no need to leave anything to chance with monthly guidance arming you with the tools you desire for success.

Everything is shifting so fast within our current world it is hard to keep informed. Can you imagine how life would be different if you could be prepared for all the energy shifts, setting your intentions and routines for success!

You will be able to use the energy of the universe to support your day to day planning!

Join the membership and each month:

  • Follow the Lunar cycle
  • Use the energy of the Zodiac season
  • Enjoy each 30 day mission striving for success
  • Connect with a community of likeminded people
  • Participate in Moon Rituals to clarify what you desire
  • Participate in Moon Rituals to clarify what you desire
  • Become aware when planets are retrograde & their effects

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

With the Spiritual Guidance Monthly Membership you really can begin to have what you want instead of accepting what comes your way!

In The Next Month, You Could…

  • Have found your tribe
  • Be energetically prepared
  • Created intentions with successful completion
  • Learn why planetary movements shift your energies

It is time to finally feel like you belong somewhere and at the same time get the positive encouragement for the success you deserve!


Spiritual Guidance Monthly Membership

This invitation if you choose to accept…

Anticipate and plan energies of the universe using; the New & Full Moon, planetary movements, and guiding Tarot cards to accomplish your monthly challenge!

Each month you will receive all you need to know to show up in a way like never before! You’ll learn;

  • Rituals for the New & Full Moon
  • Planetary movements
  • The themes for each month

With this simple shift you won’t believe that changes that will occur within your life. All with the support of your tribe!

What’s Included in the Membership…

What’s going on in the Planets?

Get the ins and outs, retrogrades & directs, of the planets. What this means for your energy and day to day living. Gaining a full understanding of how the planets really affect your life.

Guiding Card of the Month

Never miss the guiding card of the month again! Each month select one of the cards. The following day learn the meaning of your card. Piecing together the message with the energy of the planets.

New & Full Moon Rituals

To truly follow the Lunar cycle, creating simple rituals to celebrate the Moon is key. Set your intention on the New Moon and on the Full Moon make any changes needed to bring your intention to fruition.


Finding our tribe that provides a safe space for growth is paramount for success. Meet like-minded individuals, with the support of Sarah Tricker, to keep you motivated in getting what you want from your life.

This Membership is for you if…

  • You are ready to take action in your life!
  • You are open minded and want to learn!
  • You can be held accountable for your actions!
  • You are in search of your tribe for collaboration in your journey!

I’m Sarah Tricker

I have been committed to using the planets to guide me since I began the Locrina Coven in 2019. Up until that point my focus was sporadic. However, when I started to follow the Lunar cycle and pay close attention to what was happening in the planets I found that my life was a lot less hectic than before.

I don’t know about you, I was always either stuck in the past or so far into the future life seemed impossible. You must have heard the saying that yesterday is already gone, tomorrow never arrives, and we are only guaranteed today. Yet, it seems so hard to focus on the moment. 

What I discovered over the course of the last few years that slowing down really doesn’t bring peace into life. I don’t mean slowing down and not doing what needs to be done. By drawing cards for the theme of the month, finding out what is happening in the planets, creating Lunar rituals, and setting a 30 day mission my whole life changed for the better in ways I couldn’t even fathom. 

Well my friends I wanted to share this with you all. Why not join me and have someone behind you cheering you on!

"Sarah has a very welcoming energy, and creates a space that provides magical insight and clarity."

- Tenille McDougall

"Sarah is great!!! She is so down to earth, very knowledgeable and understands the journey you are on. Sarah has a very positive energy, very encouraging and made me feel comfortable right from the very start."

- Christina Gillis

"She is very down to earth and understanding. Likes to pull examples from her own experience to make things relatable."

- Brooke Peterson

Spiritual Guidance Monthly Membership



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