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Reiki Academy

Reiki is an ancient Japanese tradition that has spread across our world. Usui wanted to share this healing energy that is available for all humans to access. Throughout the Reiki Academy you will learn the strong traditions that are taught to all Reiki students. You will also experience some different tools that have been added such as the Chakras, from Hindu culture. This is one of the undoubted benefits of learning Reiki, there are no limits on how you can access and use this life force energy. Whether you choose to use it solely for your own healing or to heal others you will find everything you need for complete success as a Reiki student. Trust the universe has brought you here today and Sarah is your teacher for a reason. For when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Animal Reiki Academy

Yes, I trust the universe has brought me here so I can be attuned to the animal symbol of Reiki using the guidance of Sarah!

What you'll get:

      Understand animals deeply
      Clear blocks within animal chakras
      Have a tool kit to heal animals on all levels
      Bring a holistic approach to healing animals & their owners
      Fully step into your life purpose to become an animal healer