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Akashik Rewriting

The Akashik records is a very powerful tool that has been utilized for centuries. To paint a picture in your mind, create a place that holds all that has been, that is, and that will be. Some people describe this as a library and others a building with rooms within it. However, that image appeared to you is your experience of the records.

If you have a pattern in your life, that no matter what you do it repeats, this could be a sign that there is an underlying life you are trying to clear in the life. We live in a tremendous time, full of healers, who can help using many modalities. Trust that you have been brought here today for a reason. That your guides have escorted you directly to Sarah.

This package includes two one on one sessions with Sarah. As a High Priestess, Sarah will create a safe space for you immersed in ritual. In this first session she will go into your Akashik records and ask to be shown the life, or lives, that bring you the most suffering in your current life. You will guided through both the positive and negative outcomes. It is suggested that you leave one week before attending your second session. This will allow the information to settle giving you the ability to unpack all the information that came to you. In the second session, Sarah will begin by unpacking your experience and epiphanies before taking you on a guided journey into the Akashik records. This is where you have the opportunity to rewrite your records bringing peace and healing into your past, present, and future lives. 

With the abilities to be able to heal at a DNA and quantum level using the Akashik rewriting you can jump light years ahead on your healing journey. Always remember you chose this life in this time period for a reason. That not all people will take advantage of the quantum healing and yet those who do, are doing so to change the course of not only their own lives, that of their families too.

Spiritual Guidance

Yes, I trust the universe brought me here so I can receive guidance from Sarah!

What you'll get:

  • One on one session with Sarah

  •  Guidance using either; spiritual life coaching, mediumship, Tarot, or Reiki

  •  A session steeped in Ritual using herb cleansing, an intuitively dressed candle, and a sacred circle of safety. 

What People Are Saying:

“I am new to the art of Reiki and had my first appointment with Sarah. She made the experience very comfortable by walking me through what Reiki is and how it works. Sarah is a very friendly and knowledgeable person who is well connected with her surroundings. If you are looking into alchemy for the first time, I would definitely suggest talking with Sarah because definitely knows her stuff.”

James Childs

“Sarah is a welcoming, warm, and kind person. She is also a little light-hearted which helped ease me through my session. I had a mediumship reading done and Sarah was not only able to connect with my loved ones but was able to present answers to my questions. It was a positive as well as a healing experience. I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone—she truly has a special gift!”

B. Tamayose

“Sarah is incredibly talented at what she does. She gave me a very powerful reading and it was bang on. I felt safe and trusting of the space she created for us to do the reading. She was very detailed and her reading really supported me stepping into this new transition I am in - in my love life and my professional life. I recommend her to everyone and I will be using her services again for sure.”

Joelle Line