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Animal Reiki Academy

You have already began the Reiki journey and are at least attuned to the first two levels. Reiki has made a significant positive affect on your life and now you have been drawn to heal animals. When you have been attuned to the Master/Teacher level it is possible masters can receive a download of their own symbol. Sarah Tricker’s Master had exactly that happen. Sherry Crawford has always been closely linked to animals, especially horses. The symbol you will be attuned to in these robust courses will help you specifically heal animas. There is two courses available Animals Reiki Cats & Dogs and Animal Reiki Equestrian. You will learn everything from animal’s chakras to how to do an animal treatment allowing you to become a comprehensive animal healer.

Reiki Academy

Yes, I trust the universe has brought me here so I can be attuned to the universal healing of Reiki using the guidance of Sarah!

What you'll get:

      Balance your health
      Bring a holistic approach to life
      Live life using the Reiki Principles
      Clear your families trauma now and for future generations
      Allow Reiki love to spread peace and balance in all aspects of your being

What People Are Saying:

Sarah is an amazing, in tune, healer and educator! I have enjoyed every moment with her! She will open your eyes and enlighten you while filling you with positive energy! I highly recommend Sarah Tricker!

Tacy Ellingson

Recently completed my advanced Reiki on December 8th. Sarah is my Reiki Master and has been with me through this journey. Like Level 1 & 2 workshops it was enlightening and to notice how my Reiki has developed. She has created a wonderful Reiki community with all her students and celebrates with all students with Reiki shares once a month.

Nigel Ovenden